path: root/fs/hfsplus/btree.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-30hfs/hfsplus: convert printks to pr_<level>Joe Perches
2013-04-30hfs/hfsplus: convert dprint to hfs_dbgJoe Perches
2013-02-27hfsplus: add support of manipulation by attributes fileVyacheslav Dubeyko
2012-12-20hfsplus: rework processing of hfs_btree_write() returned errorVyacheslav Dubeyko
2010-12-16hfsplus: over 80 character lines clean-upAnton Salikhmetov
2010-11-23hfsplus: silence a few debug printksChristoph Hellwig
2010-10-14hfsplus: validate btree flagsChristoph Hellwig
2010-10-14hfsplus: handle more on-disk corruptions without oopsingEric Sandeen
2010-10-14hfsplus: fix oops on mount with corrupted btree extent recordsJeff Mahoney
2010-10-01hfsplus: convert tree_lock to mutexThomas Gleixner
2010-10-01hfsplus: use atomic bitops for the superblock flagsChristoph Hellwig
2010-10-01hfsplus: fix HFSPLUS_I calling conventionChristoph Hellwig
2010-10-01hfsplus: fix HFSPLUS_SB calling conventionChristoph Hellwig
2008-04-30hfsplus: fix warning with 64k PAGE_SIZEAndrew Morton
2008-02-07iget: stop HFSPLUS from using iget() and read_inode()David Howells
2007-07-16HFS+: add custom dentry hash and comparison operationsDuane Griffin
2007-05-08is_power_of_2 in fs/hfsVignesh Babu BM
2006-09-27[PATCH] fs: Conversions from kmalloc+memset to k(z|c)allocPanagiotis Issaris
2006-06-23[PATCH] read_mapping_page for address spacePekka Enberg
2006-04-01BUG_ON() Conversion in fs/hfsplus/Eric Sesterhenn
2006-01-18[PATCH] hfs: add HFSX supportDavid Elliott
2006-01-18[PATCH] hfs: cleanup HFS+ printsRoman Zippel
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds