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2008-01-28iwl4965: Remove redundant code in iwl4965_tx_cmdTomas Winkler
2008-01-28b43: Add NPHY channel switch codeMichael Buesch
2008-01-28b43: Add NPHY radio init codeMichael Buesch
2008-01-28ssb: Add boardflags_hi field to the sprom data structureMichael Buesch
2008-01-28b43: Add Broadcom 2055 radio register definitionsMichael Buesch
2008-01-28WAVELAN - compile-time check for struct sizesHelge Deller
2008-01-28b43: Add support for new firmwareMichael Buesch
2008-01-28b43: Fix radio ID register readingMichael Buesch
2008-01-28rt2x00: Fix queue_idx initializationIvo van Doorn
2008-01-28rt2x00: Data and desc pointer initializationIvo van Doorn
2008-01-28b43: Add N-PHY related initvals firmware filenames.Michael Buesch
2008-01-28b43: Fix tim search buffer overrunMichael Buesch
2008-01-28b43: Put multicast frames on the mcast queueMichael Buesch
2008-01-28b43: Fix template upload locking.Michael Buesch
2008-01-28b43: Fix upload of beacon packets to the hardwareMichael Buesch
2008-01-28mac80211: add unified BSS configurationJohannes Berg
2008-01-28mac80211: Fix rate reporting regressionMichael Wu
2008-01-28iwlwifi: A-MPDU Rx flow enabledRon Rindjunsky
2008-01-28ath5k: Fix frame duration oopsLuis R. Rodriguez
2008-01-28mac80211: dont use interface indices in driversJohannes Berg
2008-01-28Add rtl8180 wireless driverMichael Wu
2008-01-28[PATCH] Net: add ath5k wireless driverJiri Slaby
2008-01-28b43: finish removal of pio supportJohn W. Linville
2008-01-28hostap_cs: don't match revisions in presense of the MAC chip namePavel Roskin
2008-01-28b43: Remove the PHY spinlockMichael Buesch
2008-01-28b43: Fix PHY register routingMichael Buesch
2008-01-28b43: Add N-PHY register definitionsMichael Buesch
2008-01-28zd1211rw: fix alignment for QOS and WDS framesMichael Buesch
2008-01-28iwlwifi: fix compilation warning in 'iwl-4965.c'Miguel Botón
2008-01-28rt2x00: Release rt2x00 2.0.14Ivo van Doorn
2008-01-28rt2x00: Correctly initialize data and desc pointerIvo van Doorn
2008-01-28rt2x00: Move init_txring and init_rxring into rt2x00libIvo van Doorn
2008-01-28rt2x00: Determine MY_BSS from descriptorIvo van Doorn
2008-01-28rt2x00: Cleanup write_tx_desc() argumentsIvo van Doorn
2008-01-28rt2x00: Move packet filter flagsIvo van Doorn
2008-01-28rt2x00: Move start() and stop() handlers into rt2x00lib.cIvo van Doorn
2008-01-28rt2x00: Store queue idx and entry idx in data_ring and data_entryIvo van Doorn
2008-01-28rt2x00: Only set the TBCN flag when the interface is configured to send beacons.Ivo van Doorn
2008-01-28rt2x00: Always call ieee80211_stop_queue() when return NETDEV_TX_BUSYIvo van Doorn
2008-01-28rt2x00: Fix chipset debugfs fileIvo van Doorn
2008-01-28b43: Fix any N-PHY related WARN_ON() in the attach stage.Michael Buesch
2008-01-28b43: Add NPHY kconfig optionMichael Buesch
2008-01-28b43-ssb-bridge: Add PCI ID for BCM43XGMichael Buesch
2008-01-28b44: power down PHY when interface downMiguel Botón
2008-01-28b43: Add definitions for MAC Control registerMichael Buesch
2008-01-28b43: Remove PIO supportMichael Buesch
2008-01-28ssb: Fix PCMCIA lowlevel register accessMichael Buesch
2008-01-28b43: Fix chip access validation for new devicesMichael Buesch
2008-01-28b43: Only select allowed TX and RX antennasMichael Buesch
2008-01-28ssb: Fix extraction of values from SPROMMichael Buesch