path: root/drivers/video/s3c-fb.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-11video/s3c: move platform_data out of arch/armArnd Bergmann
2013-01-22video: Convert to devm_ioremap_resource()Thierry Reding
2013-01-03Drivers: video: remove __dev* attributes.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2012-11-26video: s3c-fb: fix red offset and length for ARGB232 formatJingoo Han
2012-11-26video: s3c-fb: return an error when bpp is invalidJingoo Han
2012-11-26video: s3c-fb: add "drop through" commentJingoo Han
2012-11-26video: s3c-fb: use dev_get_drvdata() instead of platform_get_drvdata()Jingoo Han
2012-11-26video: s3c-fb: use FIMD_V8_VIDTCON0 for EXYNOS5 FIMDJingoo Han
2012-11-26video: s3c-fb: fix typo in commentJingoo Han
2012-10-10video: s3c-fb: use clk_prepare_enable and clk_disable_unprepareThomas Abraham
2012-09-20Merge branch 'v3.7-for-florian' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/...Florian Tobias Schandinat
2012-08-23video: s3c-fb: use devm_clk_get()Jingoo Han
2012-08-08include/video: move fimd register headers from platform to include/videoLeela Krishna Amudala
2012-07-24Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jik...Linus Torvalds
2012-07-24video: Fix typo in drivers/videoMasanari Iida
2012-06-13video: s3c-fb: fix possible division by zero in s3c_fb_calc_pixclkJingoo Han
2012-06-13video: s3c-fb: clear SHADOWCON register when clearing hardware window registersJingoo Han
2012-05-13video: s3c-fb: use pr_debug instead of printkJingoo Han
2012-05-08video: s3c-fb: s3c_fb_missing_pixclock() can't be __devinitMark Brown
2012-04-16video: s3c-fb: add runtime_get/put to suspend/resumeJingoo Han
2012-04-09video: s3c-fb: remove 'default_win' element from platform dataThomas Abraham
2012-04-09video: s3c-fb: move video interface timing out of window setup dataThomas Abraham
2012-03-06video: s3c-fb: Add support EXYNOS5 FIMDJingoo Han
2012-02-24video: s3c-fb: use devm_request_irq()Jingoo Han
2012-01-28video: s3c-fb: add video clock running at data under-flowJingoo Han
2012-01-28video: s3c-fb: add alpha value width settingJingoo Han
2012-01-28video: s3c-fb: fix checkpatch errorJingoo Han
2012-01-28video: s3c-fb: Convert to devm style allocationMark Brown
2012-01-03video: s3c-fb: Don't keep device runtime active when openMark Brown
2012-01-03video: s3c-fb: Hold runtime PM references when touching registersMark Brown
2012-01-03video: s3c-fb: Take a runtime PM reference when unblankedMark Brown
2012-01-03video: s3c-fb: Disable runtime PM in error paths from probeMark Brown
2012-01-03video: s3c-fb: Use s3c_fb_enable() to enable the framebufferMark Brown
2012-01-03video: s3c-fb: Make runtime PM functional againMark Brown
2011-12-19video: s3c-fb: add shadow register protectJingoo Han
2011-12-19video: s3c-fb: modify runtime pm functionsJingoo Han
2011-12-19video: s3c-fb: set missing bitmask of enabled hardware windowJingoo Han
2011-12-03video: s3c-fb: Unify runtime and system PM functionsMark Brown
2011-12-03video: convert drivers/video/* to use module_platform_driver()Axel Lin
2011-11-11video: s3c-fb: fix transparency length for pixel blendingJingoo Han
2011-09-14video: s3c-fb: Add S5P64X0 specific s3c_fb_driverdataAjay Kumar
2011-08-24video: s3c-fb: Add support EXYNOS4 FIMDJingoo Han
2011-08-19s3c-fb: use display information in info not in var for panningLaurent Pinchart
2011-06-09video: s3c-fb: move enabling channel for windowJingoo Han
2011-06-09video: s3c-fb: fix virtual resolution checkingJingoo Han
2011-06-09video: s3c-fb: fix misleading kfree in remove functionJingoo Han
2011-05-24video: s3c-fb: correct transparency checking in 32bppJingoo Han
2011-05-24video: s3c-fb: add gpio setup function to resume functionJingoo Han
2011-05-24video: s3c-fb: add window variant information for S5PJingoo Han
2011-05-24video: s3c-fb: add additional validate bppsJingoo Han