path: root/drivers/target/target_core_internal.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-18target: Fix lookup of dynamic NodeACLs during cached demo-mode operationNicholas Bellinger
2013-02-13target: Add device attribute to expose config_item_name for INQUIRY modelTregaron Bayly
2012-11-15target: Add/check max_write_same_len device attribute + update block limits VPDNicholas Bellinger
2012-11-06target: pass sense_reason as a return valueChristoph Hellwig
2012-11-06target: move REPORT LUNS emulation to target_core_spc.cChristoph Hellwig
2012-11-06target: kill struct se_subsystem_devChristoph Hellwig
2012-07-16target: refactor core_update_device_list_for_node()Andy Grover
2012-07-16target: Remove hba param from core_dev_add_lunAndy Grover
2012-07-16target: remove the execute listChristoph Hellwig
2012-07-16target: move code for CDB emulationChristoph Hellwig
2012-07-16target: add a parse_cdb method to the backend driversChristoph Hellwig
2012-07-16target: split parsing of SPC commands into a separate helperChristoph Hellwig
2012-05-06target: move the state and execute lists to the commandChristoph Hellwig
2012-05-06target: replace ->execute_task with ->execute_cmdChristoph Hellwig
2012-02-25target: Untangle front-end and back-end meanings of max_sectors attributeRoland Dreier
2012-02-25target: Add TMR_ABORT_TASK task management supportNicholas Bellinger
2012-01-18target: fix return code of core_tpg_.*_lunSebastian Andrzej Siewior
2011-12-14target: reshuffle headersChristoph Hellwig