path: root/drivers/staging/zsmalloc
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-23staging/zsmalloc: don't use pgtable-mapping from modulesArnd Bergmann
2013-03-28staging: zsmalloc: Fix link error on ARMJoerg Roedel
2013-02-23mm: rename page struct field helpersMel Gorman
2013-01-30staging: zsmalloc: remove unused pool nameSeth Jennings
2013-01-29staging: zsmalloc: Fix TLB coherency and build problemMinchan Kim
2013-01-29staging: zsmalloc: make CLASS_DELTA relative to PAGE_SIZESeth Jennings
2013-01-15staging: zsmalloc: comment zs_create_pool functionDavidlohr Bueso
2012-08-13zsmalloc: collapse internal .h into .cSeth Jennings
2012-08-13staging: zsmalloc: add page table mapping methodSeth Jennings
2012-08-13staging: zsmalloc: prevent mappping in interrupt contextSeth Jennings
2012-08-13staging: zsmalloc: s/firstpage/page in new copy map funcsSeth Jennings
2012-07-09staging: zsmalloc: add mapping modesSeth Jennings
2012-07-09staging: zsmalloc: add details to zs_map_object boiler plateSeth Jennings
2012-07-09staging: zsmalloc: add single-page object fastpath in unmapSeth Jennings
2012-07-09staging: zsmalloc: remove x86 dependencySeth Jennings
2012-06-20staging: zsmalloc: Finish conversion to a separate moduleBen Hutchings
2012-06-13staging: zsmalloc: fix uninit'ed variable warningSeth Jennings
2012-06-11staging: zsmalloc documentationNitin Gupta
2012-06-11staging: zsmalloc: zsmalloc: use unsigned long instead of void *Minchan Kim
2012-05-09staging: zsmalloc: add/fix function commentMinchan Kim
2012-05-09staging: zsmalloc: rename zspage_order with zspage_pagesMinchan Kim
2012-05-02Merge 3.4-rc5 into staging-nextGreg Kroah-Hartman
2012-04-25zsmalloc: use PageFlag macro instead of [set|test]_bitMinchan Kim
2012-04-10staging: zsmalloc: fix memory leakNitin Gupta
2012-03-07staging: zsmalloc: remove SPARSEMEM dep from KconfigSeth Jennings
2012-03-07staging: zsmalloc: change ZS_MIN_ALLOC_SIZESeth Jennings
2012-03-07staging: zsmalloc: calculate MAX_PHYSMEM_BITS if not definedSeth Jennings
2012-03-07staging: zsmalloc: add ZS_MAX_PAGES_PER_ZSPAGESeth Jennings
2012-03-07staging: zsmalloc: move object/handle masking definesSeth Jennings
2012-02-13staging: fix powerpc linux-next break on zsmallocSeth Jennings
2012-02-08staging: zsmalloc: zsmalloc memory allocation libraryNitin Gupta