path: root/drivers/staging/dwc2
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-23staging: dwc2: add platform device bindingsMatthijs Kooijman
2013-04-23staging: dwc2: check for null pointer before dereferencing itPaul Zimmerman
2013-04-23staging: dwc2: add missing newlines to debug messagesPaul Zimmerman
2013-04-23staging: dwc2: fix potential null pointer accessPaul Zimmerman
2013-04-12staging: dwc2: fix error return code in dwc2_hcd_init()Wei Yongjun
2013-04-11staging: dwc2: Make dwc2_set_uninitialized more specificMatthijs Kooijman
2013-04-11staging: dwc2: set the driver name to "dwc2"Matthijs Kooijman
2013-04-11staging: dwc2: register common irq handler in dwc2_core_initMatthijs Kooijman
2013-04-11staging: dwc2: don't pass IRQ_LEVEL to devm_request_irqMatthijs Kooijman
2013-04-10staging: dwc2: toggle periodic debugging output separatelyMatthijs Kooijman
2013-03-25staging: dwc2: fix wrong setting of DMA masksPaul Zimmerman
2013-03-25staging: dwc2: remove unneeded arguments from two functionsPaul Zimmerman
2013-03-25staging: dwc2: always release host channel after dequeueingMatthijs Kooijman
2013-03-15Staging: dwc2: remove a kfree(NULL)Dan Carpenter
2013-03-14staging: the DWC2 driver uses bus_to_virtStephen Rothwell
2013-03-14staging: dwc2: fix compiler warningsPaul Zimmerman
2013-03-11staging: Hook the DWC2 driver into the build systemPaul Zimmerman
2013-03-11staging: PCI bus interface for the DWC2 driverPaul Zimmerman
2013-03-11staging: HCD descriptor DMA support for the DWC2 driverPaul Zimmerman
2013-03-11staging: HCD files for the DWC2 driverPaul Zimmerman
2013-03-11staging: Core files for the DWC2 driverPaul Zimmerman