path: root/drivers/staging/cxt1e1
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-08Drivers: Staging: cxt1e1: strncpy issue, need set zero at the end.Chen Gang
2013-01-25staging: cxt1e1: buffer overflow in do_del_chan()Dan Carpenter
2012-11-21staging: cxt1e1: sbecrc.c: fixes coding style issueJohan Meiring
2012-11-21staging: cxt1e1: sbecrc.c: fixes brace placementJohan Meiring
2012-11-21staging: cxt1e1: sbecrc.c: fixes indentation issuesJohan Meiring
2012-11-21staging: cxt1e1: musycc.c: fixes placement of parenthesesJohan Meiring
2012-11-21staging: cxt1e1: musycc.c: fixes brace placementJohan Meiring
2012-11-21staging: cxt1e1: musycc.c: uses tabs for indentationJohan Meiring
2012-11-21staging: cxt1e1: musycc.h: fixes brace placementJohan Meiring
2012-11-21staging: cxt1e1: musycc.h: fixes coding style issuesJohan Meiring
2012-11-21staging: cxt1e1: musycc.h: fixes indentation issuesJohan Meiring
2012-09-04staging: cxt1e1: solve coding style problemDevendra Naga
2012-09-04staging: cxt1e1: use kernel's way of returning error codesDevendra Naga
2012-01-09Merge branch 'staging-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Linus Torvalds
2011-12-02treewide: Fix typos in various parts of the kernel, and fix some comments.Justin P. Mattock
2011-11-26Staging: cxt1e1: remove rcs keywords and logAlexander Beregalov
2011-11-26Staging: cxt1e1: remove ifdef __cplusplusAlexander Beregalov
2011-11-26Staging: cxt1e1: remove unnecessary includesAlexander Beregalov
2011-10-31staging: Add module.h to more drivers implicitly using it.Paul Gortmaker
2011-10-26Merge branch 'staging-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Linus Torvalds
2011-09-27doc: fix broken referencesPaul Bolle
2011-09-16staging: irq: Remove IRQF_DISABLEDYong Zhang
2011-09-06staging/cxt1e1: Header cleanupMichal Marek
2011-07-05Remove unneeded version.h include from drivers/staging/cxt1e1/sbecom_inline_l...Jesper Juhl
2011-03-31Fix common misspellingsLucas De Marchi
2011-02-18staging/trivial: fix typos concerning "consistent"Uwe Kleine-König
2011-01-21staging: Fix some incorrect use of positive error codes.Ralph Loader
2010-12-10Staging: cxt1e1: rename global log_level variableGreg Kroah-Hartman
2010-10-19Staging: cxt1e1: multiple definition of max_mtu fixBob Beers
2010-10-08Staging: cxt1e1: Makefile: replace the use of <module>-objs with <module>-yTracey Dent
2010-10-05Staging: cxt1e1: Makefile: cleaned up Makefile cflag linesTracey Dent
2010-09-20staging: cxt1e1: '&pointer[0]' to 'pointer' fixAndy Shevchenko
2010-09-16staging: cxt1e1: use '%pMF' format to print MAC addressAndy Shevchenko
2010-09-07staging: Bulk convert the semaphore messThomas Gleixner
2010-09-05Staging: cxt1e1: Kconfig: SBE_PMCC4_NCOMM can not be compiled as module, adju...Michael Prokop
2010-06-18Staging: cxt1e1: remove code guarded by GENERIC_HDLC_VERSIONJiri Kosina
2010-06-18Staging: cxt1e1: remove all code dependent on LINUX_VERSION_CODEJiri Kosina
2010-05-11staging: cxt1e1: fix semaphore build breakageRandy Dunlap
2010-05-11Staging: cxt1e1: fix up one remaining THIS_MODULE usagePeter Hüwe
2010-05-11Staging: staging/cxt1e1: Convert bare printks to pr_<level>Joe Perches
2010-05-11Staging: cxt1e1: fix cxt1e1 module namesJoe Perches
2010-05-11Staging: cxt1e1: use netdev_priv to fix buildRandy Dunlap
2010-05-11staging: Add driver to support wanPMC-CxT1E1 card.Bob Beers