path: root/drivers/s390/cio/chsc.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-17s390/cio: collect format 1 channel-path description dataPeter Oberparleiter
2013-03-07s390/scm: process availabilitySebastian Ott
2013-02-14s390/chsc: cleanup SEI helper functionsSebastian Ott
2013-01-16s390/chsc: fix SEI usageSebastian Ott
2012-11-30s390/pci: CHSC PCI support for error and availability eventsJan Glauber
2012-09-26s390: add scm notificationSebastian Ott
2012-09-26s390/chsc: implement store SCM informationSebastian Ott
2012-07-20s390/comments: unify copyright messages and remove file namesHeiko Carstens
2011-12-01[S390] cio: fix chsc_chp_varySebastian Ott
2011-05-23[S390] chsc: process channel-path-availability informationSebastian Ott
2011-01-05[S390] cio: obtain mdc value per channel pathSebastian Ott
2010-10-25[S390] css: update descriptor after hibernateSebastian Ott
2010-10-25[S390] cio: update descriptor in chsc_chp_varySebastian Ott
2010-10-25[S390] chsc: use the global page to determine the chp desriptorSebastian Ott
2010-10-25[S390] chsc: consolidate memory allocationsSebastian Ott
2010-10-25[S390] chsc: initialization fixesSebastian Ott
2010-08-09[S390] cio: CHSC SIOSL SupportMichael Ernst
2010-07-19[S390] cio: fix potential overflow in chpid descriptorSebastian Ott
2010-04-22[S390] cio: allow enable_facility from outside init functionsSebastian Ott
2010-02-26[S390] cio: fix storage key handlingHeiko Carstens
2009-06-16[S390] pm: css bus power management callbacksSebastian Ott
2009-03-26[S390] cio: fix rc generation after chsc callSebastian Ott
2009-03-26[S390] split/move machine check handler codeHeiko Carstens
2008-12-25[S390] convert cio printks to pr_xxx macros.Michael Ernst
2008-07-17[S390] cio: Export chsc_error_from_response().Cornelia Huck
2008-07-14[S390] cio: Add chsc subchannel driver.Cornelia Huck
2008-07-14[S390] cio: Repair chpid event handling.Cornelia Huck
2008-07-14[S390] stp support.Martin Schwidefsky
2008-07-14[S390] cio: Cleanup crw interface.Cornelia Huck
2008-07-14[S390] cio: Rework css driver.Cornelia Huck
2008-04-17[S390] cio: fix parallel cm_enable processing.Michael Ernst
2008-04-17[S390] cio: Fix race for "fast" path gone/path back situations.Cornelia Huck
2008-02-05[S390] cio: Clean up chsc response code handling.Cornelia Huck
2008-01-26[S390] drivers/s390: Add missing "space"Joe Perches
2008-01-26[S390] cio: reduce cpu utilization during device scanPeter Oberparleiter
2008-01-26[S390] cio: I/O subchannel specific fields.Cornelia Huck
2008-01-26[S390] cio: css_driver: Use consistent parameters.Cornelia Huck
2007-07-27[S390] cio: Reorganize initialization.Cornelia Huck
2007-07-27[S390] cio: Clean up messages.Cornelia Huck
2007-04-27[S390] cio: cm_enable memory leak.Cornelia Huck
2007-04-27[S390] cio: fix subchannel channel-path data usagePeter Oberparleiter
2007-04-27[S390] cio: replace subchannel evaluation queue with bitmapPeter Oberparleiter
2007-04-27[S390] cio: Re-start path verification after aborting internal I/O.Stefan Bader
2007-04-27[S390] cio: Channel-path configure function.Peter Oberparleiter
2007-04-27[S390] cio: Introduce separate files for channel-path related code.Peter Oberparleiter
2007-04-27[S390] cio: Allow 0 and 1 as input for channel path status attribute.Peter Oberparleiter
2007-04-27[S390] cio: Introduce struct chp_id.Peter Oberparleiter
2007-02-05[S390] Avoid excessive inlining.Heiko Carstens
2007-02-05[S390] Cleanup of CHSC event handling.Peter Oberparleiter
2007-02-05[S390] cio: declare hardware structures packed.Peter Oberparleiter