path: root/drivers/dma/fsldma.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-03-13dmaengine: move last completed cookie into generic dma_chan structureRussell King - ARM Linux
2011-03-11fsldma: fix controller lockupsIra Snyder
2011-03-11fsldma: minor codingstyle and consistency fixesIra Snyder
2011-03-11fsldma: use channel name in printk outputIra Snyder
2010-12-13fsldma: fix issue of slow dmaForrest Shi
2010-02-02fsldma: major cleanups and fixesIra Snyder
2010-02-02fsldma: clean up the OF subsystem routinesIra Snyder
2010-02-02fsldma: rename dest to dst for uniformityIra Snyder
2010-02-02fsldma: rename struct fsl_dma_chan to struct fsldma_chanIra Snyder
2010-02-02fsldma: remove unused structure membersIra Snyder
2009-09-08fsldma: split apart external pause and request count featuresIra Snyder
2009-09-08fsldma: implement a private tx_listDan Williams
2009-06-16fsldma: use PCI Read Multiple commandIra W. Snyder
2008-09-26fsldma: allow Freescale Elo DMA driver to be compiled as a moduleTimur Tabi
2008-03-30fix the broken annotations in fsldmaAl Viro
2008-03-18fsldma: Fix the DMA halt when using DMA_INTERRUPT async_tx transfer.Zhang Wei
2008-03-04dmaengine: add driver for Freescale MPC85xx DMA controllerZhang Wei