path: root/drivers/char/virtio_console.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-10-21virtio: console: Send SIGIO on new data arrival on portsAmit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: Send SIGIO to processes that request it for host eventsAmit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: Reference counting portdev structs is not neededAmit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: Add reference counting for port structAmit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: Use cdev_alloc() instead of cdev_init()Amit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: Add a find_port_by_devt() functionAmit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: Add a list of portdevs that are activeAmit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: open: Use a common path for error handlingAmit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: remove_port() should return voidAmit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: Make write() return -ENODEV on hot-unplugAmit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: Make read() return -ENODEV on hot-unplugAmit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: Unblock poll on port hot-unplugAmit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: Un-block reads on chardev closeAmit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: Check if portdev is valid in send_control_msg()Amit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: Remove control vq data only if using multiport supportAmit Shah
2010-10-21virtio: console: Reset vdev before removing deviceAmit Shah
2010-10-20virtio: console: Don't block entire guest if host doesn't read dataAmit Shah
2010-09-21virtio: console: Prevent userspace from submitting NULL buffersAmit Shah
2010-09-21virtio: console: Fix poll blocking even though there is data to readHans de Goede
2010-06-03virtio: console: Fix crash when port is unplugged and blocked for writeAmit Shah
2010-06-03virtio: console: Fix crash when hot-unplugging a port and read is blockedAmit Shah
2010-05-19drivers/char: Eliminate use after freeJulia Lawall
2010-05-19virtio: console: Accept console size along with resize control messageAmit Shah
2010-05-19virtio: console: Store each console's size in the console structureAmit Shah
2010-05-19virtio: console: Resize console port 0 on config intr only if multiport is offAmit Shah
2010-05-19virtio: console: Add support for nonblocking write()sAmit Shah
2010-05-19virtio: console: Rename wait_is_over() to will_read_block()Amit Shah
2010-05-19virtio: console: Don't always create a port 0 if using multiportAmit Shah
2010-05-19virtio: console: Use a control message to add portsAmit Shah
2010-05-19virtio: console: Move code around for future patchesAmit Shah
2010-05-19virtio: console: Remove config work handlerAmit Shah
2010-05-19virtio: console: Don't call hvc_remove() on unplugging console portsAmit Shah
2010-05-19virtio: console: Return -EPIPE to hvc_console if we lost the connectionAmit Shah
2010-05-19virtio: console: Let host know of port or device add failuresAmit Shah
2010-05-19virtio: console: Add a __send_control_msg() that can send messages without a ...Amit Shah
2010-05-19virtio: Revert "virtio: disable multiport console support."Amit Shah
2010-05-19virtio_console: use virtqueue_xxx wrappersMichael S. Tsirkin
2010-04-08virtio: disable multiport console support.Michael S. Tsirkin
2010-04-08virtio: console makes incorrect assumption about virtio APIRusty Russell
2010-04-08virtio: console: Fix early_put_chars usageFrançois Diakhaté
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo
2010-03-22virtio: console: Check if port is valid in resize_consoleAmit Shah
2010-03-22virtio: console: Generate a kobject CHANGE event on adding 'name' attributeAmit Shah
2010-03-04virtio: console: Use better variable names for fill_queue operationAmit Shah
2010-03-04virtio: console: Fix type of 'len' as unsigned intAmit Shah
2010-02-24virtio: console: Fill ports' entire in_vq with buffersAmit Shah
2010-02-24virtio: console: Error out if we can't allocate buffers for control queueAmit Shah
2010-02-24virtio: console: Add ability to remove moduleAmit Shah
2010-02-24virtio: console: Ensure no memleaks in case of unused buffersAmit Shah
2010-02-24virtio: console: show error message if hvc_alloc fails for console portsAmit Shah