path: root/drivers/char/mxser.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-01-02tty: Introduce some close helpers for portsAlan Cox
2009-01-02tty: Introduce a tty_port generic block_til_readyAlan Cox
2009-01-02tty: relock the mxser driverAlan Cox
2009-01-02tty: Pull the dtr raise into tty portAlan Cox
2009-01-02tty_port: Add a port level carrier detect operationAlan Cox
2008-11-11tty: trivial - fix up email addresses in tty related stuffAlan Cox
2008-10-13tty: Remove lots of NULL checksAlan Cox
2008-10-13mxser: Switch to kref ttyAlan Cox
2008-07-30Char: mxser, ratelimit ioctl warningJiri Slaby
2008-07-25Char: mxser, various cleanupsJiri Slaby
2008-07-25Char: mxser, remove predefined isa supportJiri Slaby
2008-07-25Char: mxser, prints cleanupJiri Slaby
2008-07-25Char: mxser, globals cleanupJiri Slaby
2008-07-25Char: mxser, ioctl cleanupJiri Slaby
2008-07-22Char: mxser, add CP-102UF supportJiri Slaby
2008-07-22tty: rework break handlingAlan Cox
2008-07-22mxser: remove dead codeAlan Cox
2008-07-20tty: add more tty_port fieldsAlan Cox
2008-07-20mxser: use tty_portAlan Cox
2008-04-30mxser: convert large macros to functionsChristoph Hellwig
2008-04-30mxser: switch to put_char being intAlan Cox
2008-04-30tty/serial: lay the foundations for the next set of reworksAlan Cox
2008-04-30mxser: prepare for BKL pushdownAlan Cox
2008-02-07Char: mxser, add support for CP-114ULJiri Slaby
2008-02-07Char: mxser, remove itJiri Slaby
2008-02-07mxser/mxser_new: first pass over termios reporting for the mxser cardsAlan Cox
2008-02-07Char: char/serial, remove SERIAL_TYPE_NORMAL redefinesJiri Slaby
2008-02-06Remove inclusions of <linux/autoconf.h>Ralf Baechle
2007-10-19remove asm/bitops.h includesJiri Slaby
2007-10-18mxser: fix compiler warning when building without CONFIG_PCIJesper Juhl
2007-10-18mxser: remove commented crapAlan Cox
2007-07-16serial: remove termios checks from various old char serial driversAlan Cox
2007-05-08header cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not usedRandy Dunlap
2007-04-24Char: mxser, fix TIOCMIWAITJiri Slaby
2007-02-11[PATCH] mxser: remove useless fieldsCedric Le Goater
2007-02-11[PATCH] Char: tty_wakeup cleanupJiri Slaby
2006-12-30[PATCH] Char: mxser, fix oops when removing openedJiri Slaby
2006-12-08[PATCH] tty: switch to ktermiosAlan Cox
2006-12-08[PATCH] mxser: PCI refcountsAlan Cox
2006-12-08[PATCH] mxser: correct tty driver nameJiri Slaby
2006-12-08[PATCH] add process_session() helper routineCedric Le Goater
2006-11-22WorkStruct: make allyesconfigDavid Howells
2006-10-05IRQ: Maintain regs pointer globally rather than passing to IRQ handlersDavid Howells
2006-10-02[PATCH] const struct tty_operationsJeff Dike
2006-10-01[PATCH] serial: Fix up offenders peering at baud bits directlyAlan Cox
2006-07-02[PATCH] irq-flags: drivers/char: Use the new IRQF_ constantsThomas Gleixner
2006-06-30Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>Jörn Engel
2006-06-28[PATCH] remove TTY_DONT_FLIPPaul Fulghum
2006-06-25[PATCH] moxa: partial CodingStyle cleanup & spelling fixesJesper Juhl
2006-06-25[PATCH] moxa: remove pointless check of 'tty' argument vs NULLJesper Juhl