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2010-12-13x86, gcc-4.6: Use gcc -m options when building vdsoH. Peter Anvin
2010-08-06Merge branches 'x86-cleanups-for-linus', 'x86-vmware-for-linus', 'x86-mtrr-fo...Linus Torvalds
2010-08-06Merge branch 'x86-mm-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/...Linus Torvalds
2010-08-02x86, vdso: Unmap vdso pagesShaohua Li
2010-07-27x86, vdso: Don't quote $nm in the script for checking vdso referencesH. Peter Anvin
2010-06-18x86, vdso: Error out if the vdso contains external referencesH. Peter Anvin
2010-06-18x86-64, mm: Initialize VDSO earlier on 64 bitsJiri Slaby
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo
2009-11-12sysctl x86: Remove dead binary sysctl supportEric W. Biederman
2009-09-20kbuild: rename ld-option to cc-ldoptionSam Ravnborg
2009-08-21time: Introduce CLOCK_REALTIME_COARSEjohn stultz
2009-06-18gcov: enable GCOV_PROFILE_ALL for x86_64Peter Oberparleiter
2009-06-11Merge branch 'linus' into perfcounters/coreIngo Molnar
2009-06-10Merge branch 'x86-cleanups-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/k...Linus Torvalds
2009-06-05x86: Set context.vdso before installing the mappingPeter Zijlstra
2009-04-30x86: gettimeofday() vDSO: fix segfault when tv == NULLJohn Wright
2009-04-12x86: vdso/vma.c declare vdso_enabled and arch_setup_additional_pages before t...Jaswinder Singh Rajput
2009-02-21x86, mm: rename TASK_SIZE64 => TASK_SIZE_MAXIngo Molnar
2009-02-10x86: no stack protector for vdsoTejun Heo
2008-12-28Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git390.osdl.marist.edu/pub/scm/linux-2.6Linus Torvalds
2008-12-25[S390] arch_setup_additional_pages argumentsMartin Schwidefsky
2008-11-12trace: rename unlikely profiler to branch profilerSteven Rostedt
2008-11-12tracing: branch tracer, fix vdso crashIngo Molnar
2008-07-21Merge branches 'x86/urgent', 'x86/amd-iommu', 'x86/apic', 'x86/cleanups', 'x8...Ingo Molnar
2008-07-18x86: fix two modpost warningsJan Beulich
2008-07-16x86_64: further cleanup of 32-bit compat syscall mechanismsJeremy Fitzhardinge
2008-07-14Merge branch 'auto-ftrace-next' into tracing/for-linusIngo Molnar
2008-07-11x86_64: vdso32 cleanup using feature flagsJeremy Fitzhardinge
2008-07-08Merge branches 'x86/numa-fixes', 'x86/apic', 'x86/apm', 'x86/bitops', 'x86/bu...Ingo Molnar
2008-06-16Merge branch 'linus' into tracing/ftraceIngo Molnar
2008-05-25x86: clean up vdso_enabled type on x86_64OGAWA Hirofumi
2008-05-23x86: add notrace annotations to vsyscall.Steven Rostedt
2008-05-23x86: use explicit copy in vdso_gettimeofday()Andi Kleen
2008-05-04x86: vdso ELF handling - use SELFMAG instead of numeric constantCyrill Gorcunov
2008-04-30x86: don't bother printing compat vdso addressJeremy Fitzhardinge
2008-04-28x86_64 vDSO: use initdataRoland McGrath
2008-04-19x86 vDSO: compile with -g, 64-bitRoland McGrath
2008-04-17x86: Centaur Isaiah processor to use sysenter in 64-bit compatibility mode ra...Dave Jones
2008-04-17x86: include mach_apic.h in smpboot_64.c and smpboot.cGlauber de Oliveira Costa
2008-04-17x86 vDSO: don't map 32-bit vdso when disabledRoland McGrath
2008-02-29x86 vdso: fix build locale dependencyRoland McGrath
2008-02-26x86: fix build on non-C locales.Priit Laes
2008-02-11x86: vdso_install fixRoland McGrath
2008-01-30x86: add vdso32-int80-syms.lds to .gitignoreHarvey Harrison
2008-01-30x86: gitignore arch/x86/vdso filesSam Ravnborg
2008-01-30x86: teach vdso to cleanSam Ravnborg
2008-01-30x86: compat_binfmt_elfRoland McGrath
2008-01-30x86: introduce native_read_tscpGlauber de Oliveira Costa
2008-01-30x86: use generic register name in the thread and tss structuresH. Peter Anvin
2008-01-30x86: use generic register names in struct sigcontextH. Peter Anvin