path: root/arch/tile/lib/exports.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-12-03arch/tile: add a few #includes and an EXPORT to catch up with kernel changes.Chris Metcalf
2011-11-03arch/tile: avoid exporting a symbol no longer used by gccChris Metcalf
2011-03-01arch/tile: export some additional module symbolsChris Metcalf
2011-03-01arch/tile: use extended assembly to inline __mb_incoherent()Chris Metcalf
2010-10-14arch/tile: properly export __mb_incoherent for modulesChris Metcalf
2010-08-13arch/tile: Various cleanups.Chris Metcalf
2010-07-06arch/tile: Miscellaneous cleanup changes.Chris Metcalf
2010-06-04arch/tile: core support for Tilera 32-bit chips.Chris Metcalf