path: root/arch/powerpc/kernel/ftrace.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-07-27powerpc/ftrace: Trace function graph entry before updating indexSteven Rostedt
2012-07-11powerpc/ftrace: Fix assembly trampoline register usageroger blofeld
2012-07-03powerpc/ftrace: Use patch_instruction instead of probe_kernel_write()Steven Rostedt
2012-07-03powerpc/ftrace: Have PPC skip updating with stop_machine()Steven Rostedt
2011-05-26powerpc/ftrace: Implement raw syscall tracepoints on PowerPCIan Munsie
2009-06-20Merge branch 'tracing-fixes-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/...Linus Torvalds
2009-06-18function-graph: add stack frame testSteven Rostedt
2009-06-02powerpc/ftrace: Use PPC_INST_NOP directlyMichael Ellerman
2009-06-02powerpc/ftrace: Remove unused macrosMichael Ellerman
2009-06-02powerpc/ftrace: Use ppc_function_entry() instead of GET_ADDRMichael Ellerman
2009-05-18powerpc/ftrace: Fix constraint to be early clobberSteven Rostedt
2009-05-18powerpc/ftrace: Use pr_devel() in ftrace.cMichael Ellerman
2009-04-07powerpc/ftrace: Fix printf format warningMichael Ellerman
2009-04-07powerpc/ftrace: Fix #if that should be #ifdefMichael Ellerman
2009-04-02tracing, powerpc: fix powerpc tree and tracing tree interactionStephen Rothwell
2009-02-23powerpc: Unify opcode definitions and supportKumar Gala
2009-02-23powerpc, ftrace: use create_branch lib functionSteven Rostedt
2009-02-23powerpc, ftrace: use unsigned int for instruction manipulationSteven Rostedt
2009-02-23powerpc32, ftrace: port function graph tracer to ppc32, static onlySteven Rostedt
2009-02-23powerpc64, ftrace: save toc only on modules for function graphSteven Rostedt
2009-02-23powerpc64, tracing: add function graph tracer with dynamic tracingSteven Rostedt
2009-02-23powerpc64: port of the function graph tracerSteven Rostedt
2009-02-23powerpc, ftrace: fix compile error when modules not configuredSteven Rostedt
2009-02-23ftrace, powerpc: replace debug macro with proper pr_deugSteven Rostedt
2009-02-10powerpc/ftrace: Fix math to calculate offset in TOCSteven Rostedt
2008-11-28powerpc: ftrace, use create_branchSteven Rostedt
2008-11-28powerpc: ftrace, added missing icache flushSteven Rostedt
2008-11-28powerpc: ftrace, fix cast aliasing and add code verificationSteven Rostedt
2008-11-20powerpc/ppc32: ftrace, dynamic ftrace to handle modulesSteven Rostedt
2008-11-20powerpc/ppc64: ftrace, handle module trampolines for dyn ftraceSteven Rostedt
2008-11-20powerpc: ftrace, use probe_kernel API to modify codeSteven Rostedt
2008-11-20powerpc: ftrace, convert to new dynamic ftrace arch APISteven Rostedt
2008-10-23ftrace, powerpc, sparc64, x86: remove notrace from arch ftrace fileSteven Rostedt
2008-10-23ftrace: remove mcount setSteven Rostedt
2008-06-23ftrace: store mcount address in rec->ipAbhishek Sagar
2008-06-10ftrace: remove ftrace_ip_converted()Abhishek Sagar
2008-05-26ftrace: powerpc clean upsSteven Rostedt
2008-05-23ftrace: support for PowerPCSteven Rostedt