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2014-11-24MIPS: Netlogic: handle modular AHCI buildsFlorian Fainelli
2014-11-24MIPS: Netlogic: handle modular USB caseFlorian Fainelli
2014-06-09Merge branch 'upstream' of git://git.linux-mips.org/pub/scm/ralf/upstream-linusLinus Torvalds
2014-05-30MIPS: Netlogic: XLP9XX on-chip SATA supportGanesan Ramalingam
2014-05-30MIPS: Netlogic: Support for XLP3XX on-chip SATAGanesan Ramalingam
2014-05-30MIPS: Netlogic: Add support for XLP5XXYonghong Song
2014-05-30MIPS: Netlogic: Update XLP9XX/2XX core freq calculationJayachandran C
2014-05-30MIPS: Netlogic: PIC freq calculation for XLP 9XX/2XXGanesan Ramalingam
2014-05-30MIPS: Netlogic: Use PRID_IMP_MASK macroJayachandran C
2014-05-30MIPS: Netlogic: IRQ mapping for some more SoC blocksJayachandran C
2014-05-30MIPS: Netlogic: Move coremask setup to nlm_node_initJayachandran C
2014-04-30of/fdt: consolidate built-in dtb section variablesRob Herring
2014-04-30mips: xlp: copy built-in DTB out of init sectionRob Herring
2014-01-30Merge branch 'upstream' of git://git.linux-mips.org/pub/scm/ralf/upstream-linusLinus Torvalds
2014-01-24mips: delete non-required instances of include <linux/init.h>Paul Gortmaker
2014-01-24MIPS: Netlogic: Core wakeup improvementsJayachandran C
2014-01-24MIPS: Netlogic: Add default DTB for XLP9XX SoCJayachandran C
2014-01-24MIPS: Netlogic: XLP9XX USB supportGanesan Ramalingam
2014-01-24MIPS: PCI: Netlogic XLP9XX supportJayachandran C
2014-01-24MIPS: Netlogic: Add cpu to node mapping for XLP9XXJayachandran C
2014-01-24MIPS: Netlogic: XLP9XX bridge and DRAM codeJayachandran C
2014-01-24MIPS: Netlogic: SYS block updates of XLP9XXJayachandran C
2014-01-24MIPS: Netlogic: XLP9XX PIC updatesJayachandran C
2014-01-24MIPS: Netlogic: update iomap.h for XLP9XXJayachandran C
2014-01-24MIPS: Netlogic: Identify XLP 9XX chipJayachandran C
2014-01-24MIPS: Netlogic: Get coremask from FUSE registerJayachandran C
2014-01-24MIPS: Netlogic: Add MSI support for XLPJayachandran C
2013-11-26MIPS: Remove panic_timeout settingsRalf Baechle
2013-11-06MIPS: Netlogic: replace early_init_devtree() callJayachandran C
2013-09-03MIPS: Netlogic: Built-in DTB for XLP2xx SoC boardsGanesan Ramalingam
2013-09-03MIPS: Netlogic: Add support for USB on XLP2xxGanesan Ramalingam
2013-09-03MIPS: Netlogic: XLP2xx update for I2C controllerGanesan Ramalingam
2013-09-03MIPS: Netlogic: Core wakeup changes for XLP2XXJayachandran C
2013-09-03MIPS: Netlogic: XLP2XX CPU and PIC frequencyGanesan Ramalingam
2013-09-03MIPS: Netlogic: Add support for XLP2XXJayachandran C
2013-09-03MIPS: Netlogic: Read memory from DRAM BARsJayachandran C
2013-08-26MIPS:Netlogic: Remove redundant value in operation.Alexandru Juncu
2013-07-19MIPS: Netlogic: Fix USB block's coherent DMA maskGanesan Ramalingam
2013-06-13MIPS: Netlogic: Fixup memory regions for prefetchJayachandran C
2013-06-13MIPS: Netlogic: wait for all hardware threadsJayachandran C
2013-06-13MIPS: Netlogic: move cpu_ready array to boot areaJayachandran C
2013-06-13MIPS: Netlogic: Initialization when !CONFIG_SMPJayachandran C
2013-06-13MIPS: Netlogic: Split reset code out of smpboot.SJayachandran C
2013-06-13MIPS: Netlogic: Split XLP device tree code to dt.cJayachandran C
2013-06-13MIPS: Netlogic: COP2 save/restore codeJayachandran C
2013-05-22MIPS: Idle: Consolidate all declarations in <asm/idle.h>.Ralf Baechle
2013-05-08MIPS: Netlogic: Merge platform usb.h to usb-init.cJayachandran C
2013-05-08MIPS: Netlogic: Support for multiple built-in device treesJayachandran C
2013-05-08MIPS: Netlogic: Avoid using fixed PIC IRT indexJayachandran C
2013-02-21Merge branch 'mips-next-3.9' of git://git.linux-mips.org/pub/scm/john/linux-j...Ralf Baechle