path: root/arch/blackfin/include/asm/cplbinit.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-10-07Blackfin: mass clean up of copyright/licensing infoRobin Getz
2009-01-07Blackfin arch: Faster C implementation of no-MPU CPLB handlerBernd Schmidt
2008-11-18Blackfin arch: remove pointless define IN_KERNELMike Frysinger
2008-11-18Blackfin arch: SMP supporting patchset: Blackfin CPLB related codeGraf Yang
2008-10-16Blackfin arch: move bfin_addr_dcachable() and friends into the cacheflush hea...Mike Frysinger
2008-10-13Blackfin arch: introducing bfin_addr_dcachableVitja Makarov
2008-10-08Blackfin arch: Modify some funtion names to more genernal onesGraf Yang
2008-08-27Blackfin arch: move include/asm-blackfin header files to arch/blackfinBryan Wu