path: root/arch/arm64/mm/flush.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-27arm64: mm: Enable RCU fast_gupfast_gup/3.17-rc1Steve Capper
2014-07-04arm64: mm: Make icache synchronisation logic huge page awareSteve Capper
2013-06-07arm64: Remove __flush_dcache_page()Catalin Marinas
2013-06-07arm64: Do not flush the D-cache for anonymous pagesCatalin Marinas
2013-06-07arm64: Avoid cache flushing in flush_dcache_page()Catalin Marinas
2012-11-23arm64: Convert empty flush_cache_{mm,page} functions to static inlineCatalin Marinas
2012-09-17arm64: Cache maintenance routinesCatalin Marinas