path: root/arch/arm/plat-nomadik/gpio.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-05-26gpio: move Nomadik GPIO driver to drivers/gpioGrant Likely
2011-05-11ARM: nmk: update GPIO chained IRQ handler to entry/exit functionsWill Deacon
2011-03-29arm: Fold irq_set_chip/irq_set_handlerThomas Gleixner
2011-03-29arm: Cleanup the irq namespaceThomas Gleixner
2011-03-29arm: nomadik: Use local irq stateThomas Gleixner
2011-03-29arm: nomadik: Remove non existing cpu id checkThomas Gleixner
2011-03-25arm/gpio: Remove three copies of broken and racy debug codeThomas Gleixner
2011-03-14plat-nomadik: make GPIO interrupts work with cpuidle ApSleepRabin Vincent
2011-03-14plat-nomadik: fix compilation warningLinus Walleij
2011-03-14plat-nomadik: get rid of unused GPIO PM codeRabin Vincent
2011-03-14plat-nomadik: change sleep/wakeup setting in GPIO SLPM registerRikard Olsson
2011-03-14plat-nomadik: implement safe switch sequence for Alt-CRabin Vincent
2011-03-14plat-nomadik: set altfunc to GPIO when enabling the sleep configRabin Vincent
2011-03-14plat-nomadik: type secondary IRQ correctlyVirupax Sadashivpetimath
2011-03-14plat-nomadik: pull-up/down settings for GPIO resumeJonas Aaberg
2011-03-14plat-nomadik: support secondary GPIO interruptsRabin Vincent
2011-03-14plat-nomadik: implement suspend/resume for GPIORabin Vincent
2011-03-14plat-nomadik: add custom dbg_show for GPIORabin Vincent
2011-03-14plat-nomadik: support varying number of GPIOs per blockRabin Vincent
2011-01-13ARM: plat-nomadik: irq_data conversion.Lennert Buytenhek
2010-12-08nomadik-gpio: use dev name if no name is specifiedRabin Vincent
2010-12-08nomadik-gpio: allow sleep mode dir/pull to differ from normal modeRabin Vincent
2010-09-02ARM: 6347/2: nomadik: move nmk_gpio_probe to .devinit.textUwe Kleine-K├Ânig
2010-09-02ARM: 6354/1: nomadik-gpio: allow control of sleep mode direction and pull upRabin Vincent
2010-09-02ARM: 6353/1: nomadik-gpio: add SLPM register handing for DB8500v2Rabin Vincent
2010-06-16ARM: 6177/1: nomadik-gpio: fix "ignoring return value" warningRabin Vincent
2010-06-16ARM: 6176/1: nomadik-gpio: implement to_irqRabin Vincent
2010-06-16ARM: 6175/1: nomadik-gpio: implement set_wakeRabin Vincent
2010-06-16ARM: 6156/1: nomadik-gpio: switch to core_initcallRabin Vincent
2010-06-16ARM: 6155/1: nomadik-gpio: add pin configuration APIRabin Vincent
2010-06-16ARM: 6154/1: nomadik-gpio: refactor nmk_gpio_set_modeRabin Vincent
2010-06-16ARM: 6149/1: nomadik-gpio: add function to configure sleep mode behaviourRabin Vincent
2010-06-16ARM: 6148/1: nomadik-gpio: add function to configure pullup/pulldownRabin Vincent
2010-06-16ARM: 6147/1: nomadik-gpio: set val in ->direction_output()Rabin Vincent
2010-05-17Merge branch 'devel-stable' into develRussell King
2010-05-06ARM: 6104/1: nomadik-gpio: use clk APIRabin Vincent
2010-05-06ARM: 6102/1: nomadik-gpio: set a default trigger for interruptsRabin Vincent
2010-05-06ARM: 6101/1: nomadik-gpio: don't enable in set_typeRabin Vincent
2010-05-06ARM: 6100/1: nomadik-gpio: factor out helper to enable/disable irqsRabin Vincent
2010-05-06ARM: 6099/1: nomadik-gpio: fix mask/unmaskRabin Vincent
2010-03-19ARM: 5972/1: nomadik-gpio: convert to platform driverRabin Vincent
2010-03-19ARM: 5971/1: nomadik-gpio: mask/ack/unmask the parent irqRabin Vincent
2010-03-19ARM: 5970/1: nomadik-gpio: fix spinlock usageRabin Vincent
2010-03-19ARM: 5969/1: nomadik: move gpio to plat-nomadikRabin Vincent