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2013-01-25hwmon: (coretemp) Document and add support for additional CPU modelsGuenter Roeck
2012-12-05hwmon: (coretemp) List TjMax for Z650/670 and N550/570Guenter Roeck
2012-10-14hwmon: (coretemp) Add support for Atom CE4110/4150/4170Guenter Roeck
2012-06-17hwmon: (coretemp) Document TjMax for 3rd generation i5/i7 processorsGuenter Roeck
2012-06-17hwmon: (coretemp) Add support for Atom D2000 and N2000 series CPU modelsGuenter Roeck
2012-06-17hwmon: (coretemp) Improve support of recent Atom CPU modelsJean Delvare
2011-09-21hwmon: (coretemp) Don't use threshold registers for tempX_maxGuenter Roeck
2011-09-21hwmon: (coretemp) Let the user force TjMaxJean Delvare
2011-07-28hwmon: (coretemp) Add core/pkg threshold support to CoretempDurgadoss R
2011-05-20hwmon: (coretemp) Merge pkgtemp with coretempDurgadoss R
2010-08-09hwmon: coretemp: documentation update and cleanupChen Gong
2009-09-23hwmon: (coretemp) Add Lynnfield CPUHuaxu Wan
2009-09-23hwmon: (coretemp) Add support for Penryn mobile CPUsRudolf Marek
2009-09-23hwmon: (coretemp) Fix Atom CPUs supportRudolf Marek
2008-02-17hwmon: (coretemp) Add Penryn CPU to coretempRudolf Marek
2008-02-17hwmon: (coretemp) Add maximum cooling temperature readoutRudolf Marek
2007-10-09hwmon: (coretemp) Add support for Celeron 4xxRudolf Marek
2007-05-08hwmon/coretemp: Add documentationRudolf Marek