AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-02-13ALSA: hda - Add missing terminator in slave dig-out arrayTakashi Iwai
2009-02-13ALSA: hda - Change HP dv7 (103c:30f4) quirk from hp-m4 to hp-dv5 modelHerton Ronaldo Krzesinski
2009-02-12ALSA: hda - Register (new) devices at reconfigTakashi Iwai
2009-02-11ALSA: hda - add id for Intel IbexPeak integrated HDMI codecWu Fengguang
2009-02-11ALSA: hda - compute checksum in HDMI audio infoframeWu Fengguang
2009-02-11ALSA: hda - enable HDMI audio pin out at module loading timeWu Fengguang
2009-02-11ALSA: hda - allow multi-channel HDMI audio playback when ELD is not presentWu Fengguang
2009-02-10ALSA: hda - Add quirk for Asus z37e (1043:8284)Mackenzie Morgan
2009-02-06ALSA: hda - Add missing COEF initialization for ALC887Takashi Iwai
2009-02-06ALSA: hda - Add missing initialization for ALC272Takashi Iwai
2009-02-05ALSA: hda - Fix misc workqueue issuesTakashi Iwai
2009-02-04ALSA: hda - Add quirk for FSC Amilo Xi2550Takashi Iwai
2009-02-02ALSA: hda - No widget selection for volume knob widgets in proc outputTakashi Iwai
2009-01-31ALSA: hda - Add support of iMac 24 AluminiumMark Eggleston
2009-01-30ALSA: hda - Add quirk for another HP dv5 modelTakashi Iwai
2009-01-28ALSA: hda - add another MacBook Pro 4, 1 subsystem IDLuke Yelavich
2009-01-27ALSA: hda - Fix compile warning with CONFIG_SND_JACK=nTakashi Iwai
2009-01-27ALSA: hda - Add quirk for HP DV6700 laptopJoerg Schirottke
2009-01-23ALSA: hda - Fix PCM reference NID for STAC/IDT analog outputsTakashi Iwai
2009-01-23ALSA: hda: Add STAC92HD83XXX_PWR_REF quirkMatthew Ranostay
2009-01-23ALSA: hda: revert change to 92hd83xxx power mappingMatthew Ranostay
2009-01-22ALSA: hda - Add model entry for HP dv4Takashi Iwai
2009-01-21ALSA: hda: 83xxx port 0xe DAC selectionMatthew Ranostay
2009-01-18ALSA: hda: fix invalid power mapping masksMatthew Ranostay
2009-01-16ALSA: hda - add quirks for some 82801H variants to use ALC883_MITACLuke Yelavich
2009-01-15ALSA: hda - Fix (yet more) STAC925x issuesTakashi Iwai
2009-01-15ALSA: hda - Fix invalid amp value for STAC925xTakashi Iwai
2009-01-14ALSA: hda - Fix HP dv5 mic inputTakashi Iwai
2009-01-14ALSA: hda - Fix missing initialization of NID 0x0e for STAC925xTakashi Iwai
2009-01-14ALSA: hda - Fix stac92hd83xxx_amp_nids[]Takashi Iwai
2009-01-14ALSA: hda - Add automatic model setting for Samsung Q45Luke Yelavich
2009-01-14ALSA: hda - Don't reset HP pinctl in patch_sigmatel.cTakashi Iwai
2009-01-14ALSA: hda: stac92hd8xxx amp mixersMatthew Ranostay
2009-01-14ALSA: hda - Fix silent headphone output on Panasonic CF-74Takashi Iwai
2009-01-13ALSA: hda - Update model descriptions in patch_sigmatel.cTakashi Iwai
2009-01-13Merge branch 'topic/hda-gateway' into topic/hdaTakashi Iwai
2009-01-13ALSA: hda - Use queue_delayed_work()Takashi Iwai
2009-01-13ALSA: hda - Add quirk for another HP dv5Giuseppe Bilotta
2009-01-13ALSA: hda - Add support of NVidia MCP78 HDMITakashi Iwai
2009-01-13ALSA: hda - Fix a typoTakashi Iwai
2009-01-12async: fix __lowest_in_progress()Arjan van de Ven
2009-01-12script: improve markup_oops.pl to also decode oopses in modulesArjan van de Ven
2009-01-12ti_usb_3410_5052: add Multi-Tech firmwareChris Adams
2009-01-12ti_usb_3410_5052: add Multi-Tech modem supportChris Adams
2009-01-12ti_usb_3410_5052: support alternate firmwareChris Adams
2009-01-12usb-serial: remove NULL checkAlan Cox
2009-01-12neo: Remove a bogus NULL checkAlan Cox
2009-01-12pty: Fix documentationAlan Cox
2009-01-12Merge branch 'sched-fixes-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/ke...Linus Torvalds
2009-01-12Merge branch 'core-fixes-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/ker...Linus Torvalds