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@@ -552,3 +552,28 @@ config MEM_SOFT_DIRTY
it can be cleared by hands.
See Documentation/vm/soft-dirty.txt for more details.
+config ZSMALLOC
+ bool "Memory allocator for compressed pages"
+ depends on MMU
+ default n
+ help
+ zsmalloc is a slab-based memory allocator designed to store
+ compressed RAM pages. zsmalloc uses virtual memory mapping
+ in order to reduce fragmentation. However, this results in a
+ non-standard allocator interface where a handle, not a pointer, is
+ returned by an alloc(). This handle must be mapped in order to
+ access the allocated space.
+ bool "Use page table mapping to access object in zsmalloc"
+ depends on ZSMALLOC
+ help
+ By default, zsmalloc uses a copy-based object mapping method to
+ access allocations that span two pages. However, if a particular
+ architecture (ex, ARM) performs VM mapping faster than copying,
+ then you should select this. This causes zsmalloc to use page table
+ mapping rather than copying for object mapping.
+ You can check speed with zsmalloc benchmark[1].
+ [1] https://github.com/spartacus06/zsmalloc