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@@ -65,6 +65,20 @@ config CORE_DUMP_DEFAULT_ELF_HEADERS
This config option changes the default setting of coredump_filter
seen at boot time. If unsure, say Y.
+ tristate "Kernel support for scripts starting with #!"
+ default y
+ help
+ Say Y here if you want to execute interpreted scripts starting with
+ #! followed by the path to an interpreter.
+ You can build this support as a module; however, until that module
+ gets loaded, you cannot run scripts. Thus, if you want to load this
+ module from an initramfs, the portion of the initramfs before loading
+ this module must consist of compiled binaries only.
+ Most systems will not boot if you say M or N here. If unsure, say Y.
bool "Kernel support for flat binaries"
depends on !MMU && (!FRV || BROKEN)