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@@ -56,6 +56,27 @@ config MTD_UBI_BEB_LIMIT
Leave the default value if unsure.
+ bool "UBI Fastmap (Experimental feature)"
+ default n
+ help
+ Important: this feature is experimental so far and the on-flash
+ format for fastmap may change in the next kernel versions
+ Fastmap is a mechanism which allows attaching an UBI device
+ in nearly constant time. Instead of scanning the whole MTD device it
+ only has to locate a checkpoint (called fastmap) on the device.
+ The on-flash fastmap contains all information needed to attach
+ the device. Using fastmap makes only sense on large devices where
+ attaching by scanning takes long. UBI will not automatically install
+ a fastmap on old images, but you can set the UBI module parameter
+ fm_autoconvert to 1 if you want so. Please note that fastmap-enabled
+ images are still usable with UBI implementations without
+ fastmap support. On typical flash devices the whole fastmap fits
+ into one PEB. UBI will reserve PEBs to hold two fastmaps.
+ If in doubt, say "N".
tristate "MTD devices emulation driver (gluebi)"