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@@ -481,6 +481,34 @@ config BRIQ_PANEL
It's safe to say N here.
+config BFIN_OTP
+ tristate "Blackfin On-Chip OTP Memory Support"
+ depends on BLACKFIN && (BF52x || BF54x)
+ default y
+ help
+ If you say Y here, you will get support for a character device
+ interface into the One Time Programmable memory pages that are
+ stored on the Blackfin processor. This will not get you access
+ to the secure memory pages however. You will need to write your
+ own secure code and reader for that.
+ To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the module
+ will be called bfin-otp.
+ If unsure, it is safe to say Y.
+ bool "Enable writing support of OTP pages"
+ depends on BFIN_OTP
+ default n
+ help
+ If you say Y here, you will enable support for writing of the
+ OTP pages. This is dangerous by nature as you can only program
+ the pages once, so only enable this option when you actually
+ need it so as to not inadvertently clobber data.
+ If unsure, say N.
config PRINTER
tristate "Parallel printer support"
depends on PARPORT