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@@ -66,21 +66,6 @@ config TTY_PRINTK
If unsure, say N.
-config BRIQ_PANEL
- tristate 'Total Impact briQ front panel driver'
- depends on PPC_CHRP
- ---help---
- The briQ is a small footprint CHRP computer with a frontpanel VFD, a
- tristate led and two switches. It is the size of a CDROM drive.
- If you have such one and want anything showing on the VFD then you
- must answer Y here.
- To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
- module will be called briq_panel.
- It's safe to say N here.
config BFIN_OTP
tristate "Blackfin On-Chip OTP Memory Support"
depends on BLACKFIN && (BF51x || BF52x || BF54x)