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@@ -1930,6 +1930,57 @@ The "pte_enc" field provides a value that can OR'ed into the hash
PTE's RPN field (ie, it needs to be shifted left by 12 to OR it
into the hash PTE second double word).
+Capability: KVM_CAP_IRQFD
+Architectures: x86
+Type: vm ioctl
+Parameters: struct kvm_irqfd (in)
+Returns: 0 on success, -1 on error
+Allows setting an eventfd to directly trigger a guest interrupt.
+kvm_irqfd.fd specifies the file descriptor to use as the eventfd and
+kvm_irqfd.gsi specifies the irqchip pin toggled by this event. When
+an event is tiggered on the eventfd, an interrupt is injected into
+the guest using the specified gsi pin. The irqfd is removed using
+the KVM_IRQFD_FLAG_DEASSIGN flag, specifying both kvm_irqfd.fd
+and kvm_irqfd.gsi.
+Architectures: powerpc
+Type: vm ioctl
+Parameters: Pointer to u32 containing hash table order (in/out)
+Returns: 0 on success, -1 on error
+This requests the host kernel to allocate an MMU hash table for a
+guest using the PAPR paravirtualization interface. This only does
+anything if the kernel is configured to use the Book 3S HV style of
+virtualization. Otherwise the capability doesn't exist and the ioctl
+returns an ENOTTY error. The rest of this description assumes Book 3S
+There must be no vcpus running when this ioctl is called; if there
+are, it will do nothing and return an EBUSY error.
+The parameter is a pointer to a 32-bit unsigned integer variable
+containing the order (log base 2) of the desired size of the hash
+table, which must be between 18 and 46. On successful return from the
+ioctl, it will have been updated with the order of the hash table that
+was allocated.
+If no hash table has been allocated when any vcpu is asked to run
+(with the KVM_RUN ioctl), the host kernel will allocate a
+default-sized hash table (16 MB).
+If this ioctl is called when a hash table has already been allocated,
+the kernel will clear out the existing hash table (zero all HPTEs) and
+return the hash table order in the parameter. (If the guest is using
+the virtualized real-mode area (VRMA) facility, the kernel will
+re-create the VMRA HPTEs on the next KVM_RUN of any vcpu.)
5. The kvm_run structure