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The passed struct file_system_type describes your filesystem. When a
request is made to mount a filesystem onto a directory in your namespace,
the VFS will call the appropriate mount() method for the specific
-filesystem. New vfsmount refering to the tree returned by ->mount()
+filesystem. New vfsmount referring to the tree returned by ->mount()
will be attached to the mountpoint, so that when pathname resolution
reaches the mountpoint it will jump into the root of that vfsmount.
@@ -254,7 +254,7 @@ or bottom half).
should be synchronous or not, not all filesystems check this flag.
drop_inode: called when the last access to the inode is dropped,
- with the inode_lock spinlock held.
+ with the inode->i_lock spinlock held.
This method should be either NULL (normal UNIX filesystem
semantics) or "generic_delete_inode" (for filesystems that do not