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+What: /config/pcie-gadget
+Date: Feb 2011
+KernelVersion: 2.6.37
+Contact: Pratyush Anand <pratyush.anand@st.com>
+ Interface is used to configure selected dual mode PCIe controller
+ as device and then program its various registers to configure it
+ as a particular device type.
+ This interfaces can be used to show spear's PCIe device capability.
+ Nodes are only visible when configfs is mounted. To mount configfs
+ in /config directory use:
+ # mount -t configfs none /config/
+ For nth PCIe Device Controller
+ /config/pcie-gadget.n/
+ link ... used to enable ltssm and read its status.
+ int_type ...used to configure and read type of supported
+ interrupt
+ no_of_msi ... used to configure number of MSI vector needed and
+ to read no of MSI granted.
+ inta ... write 1 to assert INTA and 0 to de-assert.
+ send_msi ... write MSI vector to be sent.
+ vendor_id ... used to write and read vendor id (hex)
+ device_id ... used to write and read device id (hex)
+ bar0_size ... used to write and read bar0_size
+ bar0_address ... used to write and read bar0 mapped area in hex.
+ bar0_rw_offset ... used to write and read offset of bar0 where
+ bar0_data will be written or read.
+ bar0_data ... used to write and read data at bar0_rw_offset.