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@@ -704,12 +704,24 @@ this directory the following files can currently be found:
The current number of free dma_debug_entries
in the allocator.
+ dma-api/driver-filter
+ You can write a name of a driver into this file
+ to limit the debug output to requests from that
+ particular driver. Write an empty string to
+ that file to disable the filter and see
+ all errors again.
If you have this code compiled into your kernel it will be enabled by default.
If you want to boot without the bookkeeping anyway you can provide
'dma_debug=off' as a boot parameter. This will disable DMA-API debugging.
Notice that you can not enable it again at runtime. You have to reboot to do
+If you want to see debug messages only for a special device driver you can
+specify the dma_debug_driver=<drivername> parameter. This will enable the
+driver filter at boot time. The debug code will only print errors for that
+driver afterwards. This filter can be disabled or changed later using debugfs.
When the code disables itself at runtime this is most likely because it ran
out of dma_debug_entries. These entries are preallocated at boot. The number
of preallocated entries is defined per architecture. If it is too low for you