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nfsd: fix double-locks of directory mutex
A number of nfsd operations depend on the i_mutex to cover more code than just the fsync, so the approach of 4c728ef583b3d8 "add a vfs_fsync helper" doesn't work for nfsd. Revert the parts of those patches that touch nfsd. Note: we can't, however, remove the logic from vfs_fsync that was needed only for the special case of nfsd, because a vfs_fsync(NULL,...) call can still result indirectly from a stackable filesystem that was called by nfsd. (Thanks to Christoph Hellwig for pointing this out.) Reported-by: Eric Sesterhenn <snakebyte@gmx.de> Signed-off-by: J. Bruce Fields <bfields@citi.umich.edu>
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