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authorAllan Stephens <Allan.Stephens@windriver.com>2010-12-31 18:59:17 +0000
committerDavid S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>2011-01-01 13:57:48 -0800
commit08c80e9a031df0a8f0269477a32f5eae47d7a146 (patch)
tree87a20adf19603edfafabc0b138a2992a0cbe6481 /net/tipc/cluster.h
parent51f98a8d70583b18cb08b19353aeed5efb0244af (diff)
tipc: Remove prototype code for supporting slave nodes
Simplifies routines and data structures that were intended to allow TIPC to support slave nodes (i.e. nodes that did not have links to all of the other nodes in its cluster, forcing TIPC to route messages that it could not deliver directly through a non-slave node). Currently, TIPC supports only networks containing non-slave nodes, so this code is unnecessary. Note: The latest edition of the TIPC 2.0 Specification has eliminated the concept of slave nodes entirely. Signed-off-by: Allan Stephens <Allan.Stephens@windriver.com> Signed-off-by: Paul Gortmaker <paul.gortmaker@windriver.com> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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diff --git a/net/tipc/cluster.h b/net/tipc/cluster.h
index 21493f7beb9..aa1fd6ab4d1 100644
--- a/net/tipc/cluster.h
+++ b/net/tipc/cluster.h
@@ -40,26 +40,21 @@
#include "addr.h"
#include "net.h"
-#define LOWEST_SLAVE 2048u
* struct cluster - TIPC cluster structure
* @addr: network address of cluster
* @nodes: array of pointers to all nodes within cluster
* @highest_node: id of highest numbered node within cluster
- * @highest_slave: (used for secondary node support)
struct cluster {
u32 addr;
struct tipc_node **nodes;
u32 highest_node;
- u32 highest_slave;
extern struct tipc_node **tipc_local_nodes;
-extern u32 tipc_highest_allowed_slave;
extern struct tipc_node_map tipc_cltr_bcast_nodes;
void tipc_cltr_remove_as_router(struct cluster *c_ptr, u32 router);
@@ -70,12 +65,10 @@ void tipc_cltr_recv_routing_table(struct sk_buff *buf);
struct cluster *tipc_cltr_create(u32 addr);
void tipc_cltr_delete(struct cluster *c_ptr);
void tipc_cltr_attach_node(struct cluster *c_ptr, struct tipc_node *n_ptr);
-void tipc_cltr_send_slave_routes(struct cluster *c_ptr, u32 dest);
void tipc_cltr_broadcast(struct sk_buff *buf);
int tipc_cltr_init(void);
void tipc_cltr_bcast_new_route(struct cluster *c_ptr, u32 dest, u32 lo, u32 hi);
-void tipc_cltr_send_local_routes(struct cluster *c_ptr, u32 dest);
void tipc_cltr_bcast_lost_route(struct cluster *c_ptr, u32 dest, u32 lo, u32 hi);
static inline struct cluster *tipc_cltr_find(u32 addr)