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Merge branch 'rt6i_gateway'
Julian Anastasov says: ==================== ipv6: use rt6i_gateway as nexthop The following patchset makes sure that rt6i_gateway contains valid nexthop information in all cases, so that we can use different nexthop for sending. The first patch is a simple fix that makes IPVS, TEE, RAW(hdrincl) and RTF_DYNAMIC(without RTF_GATEWAY) work as before 3.9. There is a single corner case not solved by this patch: RAW(hdrincl) or TEE using local address for nexthop, a silly feature, I guess. In this case we see zeroes in rt6i_gateway because we get route that is not cloned. This is solved only with patch 2. The second patch is an optimization that makes sure all resulting routes have rt6i_gateway filled, so that we can avoid the complex ipv6_addr_any() call added to rt6_nexthop() by patch 1. And it sets rt6i_gateway for local routes, a case not handled by patch 1. The third patch uses the new rt6_nexthop() function to fix the matching of gateways in the same way as commit bbb5823cf742a7 ("netfilter: nf_conntrack: fix rt_gateway checks for H.323 helper") fixes nf_conntrack_h323_main.c for IPv4. Currently, it depends on the new definition of rt6_nexthop() in patch 2. Actually, if patch 2 is applied, patch 3 becomes a cosmetic change. I see the following two alternatives for applying these patches: 1. Linger patch 2 in net-next to avoid surprises in the upcoming release. In this case patch 3 can be reworked not to depend on the new rt6_nexthop() definition in patch 2. I guess this is a better option, so that patch 2 can be reviewed and tested for longer time. 2. Include all 3 patches in net tree - more risky because this is my first attempt to change IPv6. Here is the situation as handled by patch 2: In IPv6 the resolved routes are always host routes (/128 with DST_HOST), mostly cloned ones. We allow routes in FIB to contain rt6i_gateway with zeroes (eg. for local subnets) but on cloning we can fill the rt6i_gateway field in result. This works even without this patchset. There is a single special case where dst is provided as skb_dst directly without a routing call: icmp6_dst_alloc(). It is a private dst allocated just for the particular ICMP packet. Patch 2 fills rt6i_gateway in this case, needed for the new rt6_nexthop() simplification. The last case is addrconf_dst_alloc(), it can put in FIB local/anycast routes when addresses are added. Patch 2 needs to fill rt6i_gateway in this case because such routes are returned without cloning. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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