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authorAlex Elder <elder@inktank.com>2013-02-15 11:42:29 -0600
committerAlex Elder <elder@inktank.com>2013-02-18 12:19:22 -0600
commit87f979d390f9ecfa3d0038a9f9a002a62f8a1895 (patch)
treea1202bf2d1b29541f31875b9445d446d5cf5bfe9 /net/ceph
parente7e319a9c51409c7effe34333ea26facf2fab9e1 (diff)
ceph: kill ceph_osdc_writepages() "nofail" parameter
There is only one caller of ceph_osdc_writepages(), and it always passes the value true as its "nofail" argument. Get rid of that argument and replace its use in ceph_osdc_writepages() with the constant value true. This and a number of cleanup patches that follow resolve: http://tracker.ceph.com/issues/4126 Signed-off-by: Alex Elder <elder@inktank.com> Reviewed-by: Josh Durgin <josh.durgin@inktank.com>
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/net/ceph/osd_client.c b/net/ceph/osd_client.c
index d9d58bbe9f9..dd01b1340e9 100644
--- a/net/ceph/osd_client.c
+++ b/net/ceph/osd_client.c
@@ -1867,7 +1867,7 @@ int ceph_osdc_writepages(struct ceph_osd_client *osdc, struct ceph_vino vino,
u32 truncate_seq, u64 truncate_size,
struct timespec *mtime,
struct page **pages, int num_pages,
- int flags, int do_sync, bool nofail)
+ int flags, int do_sync)
struct ceph_osd_request *req;
int rc = 0;
@@ -1880,7 +1880,7 @@ int ceph_osdc_writepages(struct ceph_osd_client *osdc, struct ceph_vino vino,
snapc, do_sync,
truncate_seq, truncate_size, mtime,
- nofail, 1, page_align);
+ true, 1, page_align);
if (IS_ERR(req))
return PTR_ERR(req);
@@ -1889,7 +1889,7 @@ int ceph_osdc_writepages(struct ceph_osd_client *osdc, struct ceph_vino vino,
dout("writepages %llu~%llu (%d pages)\n", off, len,
- rc = ceph_osdc_start_request(osdc, req, nofail);
+ rc = ceph_osdc_start_request(osdc, req, true);
if (!rc)
rc = ceph_osdc_wait_request(osdc, req);