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authorAlex Elder <elder@inktank.com>2013-02-15 11:42:30 -0600
committerAlex Elder <elder@inktank.com>2013-02-18 12:20:18 -0600
commit2979ddb11befcd757a6ab5a04fad9e264560385b (patch)
tree7f1f48cd0b3a54eee70aab4cf6fd5a3e399c39cb /net/ceph
parent4b568b1aaf23d0ce64b98d01d5ad1bcc7694440a (diff)
libceph: update ceph_osd_op_name()
Update ceph_osd_op_name() to include the newly-added definitions in "rados.h", and to match its counterpart in the user space code. Signed-off-by: Alex Elder <elder@inktank.com> Reviewed-by: Josh Durgin <josh.durgin@inktank.com>
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1 files changed, 24 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/net/ceph/ceph_strings.c b/net/ceph/ceph_strings.c
index 833075cff4e..1348df96fe1 100644
--- a/net/ceph/ceph_strings.c
+++ b/net/ceph/ceph_strings.c
@@ -21,9 +21,15 @@ const char *ceph_osd_op_name(int op)
switch (op) {
case CEPH_OSD_OP_READ: return "read";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_STAT: return "stat";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_MAPEXT: return "mapext";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_SPARSE_READ: return "sparse-read";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_NOTIFY: return "notify";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_NOTIFY_ACK: return "notify-ack";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_ASSERT_VER: return "assert-version";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_MASKTRUNC: return "masktrunc";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_CREATE: return "create";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_WRITE: return "write";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_DELETE: return "delete";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_TRUNCATE: return "truncate";
@@ -39,6 +45,11 @@ const char *ceph_osd_op_name(int op)
case CEPH_OSD_OP_TMAPUP: return "tmapup";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_TMAPGET: return "tmapget";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_TMAPPUT: return "tmapput";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_WATCH: return "watch";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_CLONERANGE: return "clonerange";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_ASSERT_SRC_VERSION: return "assert-src-version";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_SRC_CMPXATTR: return "src-cmpxattr";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_GETXATTR: return "getxattr";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_GETXATTRS: return "getxattrs";
@@ -53,6 +64,10 @@ const char *ceph_osd_op_name(int op)
case CEPH_OSD_OP_BALANCEREADS: return "balance-reads";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_UNBALANCEREADS: return "unbalance-reads";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_SCRUB: return "scrub";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_SCRUB_RESERVE: return "scrub-reserve";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_SCRUB_UNRESERVE: return "scrub-unreserve";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_SCRUB_STOP: return "scrub-stop";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_SCRUB_MAP: return "scrub-map";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_WRLOCK: return "wrlock";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_WRUNLOCK: return "wrunlock";
@@ -64,6 +79,15 @@ const char *ceph_osd_op_name(int op)
case CEPH_OSD_OP_CALL: return "call";
case CEPH_OSD_OP_PGLS: return "pgls";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_PGLS_FILTER: return "pgls-filter";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_OMAPGETKEYS: return "omap-get-keys";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_OMAPGETVALS: return "omap-get-vals";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_OMAPGETHEADER: return "omap-get-header";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_OMAPGETVALSBYKEYS: return "omap-get-vals-by-keys";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_OMAPSETVALS: return "omap-set-vals";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_OMAPSETHEADER: return "omap-set-header";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_OMAPCLEAR: return "omap-clear";
+ case CEPH_OSD_OP_OMAPRMKEYS: return "omap-rm-keys";
return "???";