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Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net
Pull networking fixes from David Miller: 1) cfg80211_conn_scan() must be called with the sched_scan_mutex, fix from Artem Savkov. 2) Fix regression in TCP ICMPv6 processing, we do not want to treat redirects as socket errors, from Christoph Paasch. 3) Fix several recvmsg() msg_name kernel memory leaks into userspace, in ATM, AX25, Bluetooth, CAIF, IRDA, s390 IUCV, L2TP, LLC, Netrom, NFC, Rose, TIPC, and VSOCK. From Mathias Krause and Wei Yongjun. 4) Fix AF_IUCV handling of segmented SKBs in recvmsg(), from Ursula Braun and Eric Dumazet. 5) CAN gw.c code does kfree() on SLAB cache memory, use kmem_cache_free() instead. Fix from Wei Yongjun. 6) Fix LSM regression on TCP SYN/ACKs, some LSMs such as SELINUX want an skb->sk socket context available for these packets, but nothing else requires it. From Eric Dumazet and Paul Moore. 7) Fix ipv4 address lifetime processing so that we don't perform sleepable acts inside of rcu_read_lock() sections, do them in an rtnl_lock() section instead. From Jiri Pirko. 8) mvneta driver accidently sets HW features after device registry, it should do so beforehand. Fix from Willy Tarreau. 9) Fix bonding unload races more correctly, from Nikolay Aleksandrov and Veaceslav Falico. 10) rtnl_dump_ifinfo() and rtnl_calcit() invoke nlmsg_parse() with wrong header size argument. Fix from Michael Riesch. * git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net: (44 commits) lsm: add the missing documentation for the security_skb_owned_by() hook bnx2x: Prevent null pointer dereference in AFEX mode e100: Add dma mapping error check selinux: add a skb_owned_by() hook can: gw: use kmem_cache_free() instead of kfree() netrom: fix invalid use of sizeof in nr_recvmsg() qeth: fix qeth_wait_for_threads() deadlock for OSN devices af_iucv: fix recvmsg by replacing skb_pull() function rtnetlink: Call nlmsg_parse() with correct header length bonding: fix bonding_masters race condition in bond unloading Revert "bonding: remove sysfs before removing devices" net: mvneta: enable features before registering the driver hyperv: Fix RNDIS send_completion code path hyperv: Fix a kernel warning from netvsc_linkstatus_callback() net: ipv4: fix schedule while atomic bug in check_lifetime() net: ipv4: reset check_lifetime_work after changing lifetime bnx2x: Fix KR2 rapid link flap sctp: remove 'sridhar' from maintainers list VSOCK: Fix missing msg_namelen update in vsock_stream_recvmsg() VSOCK: vmci - fix possible info leak in vmci_transport_dgram_dequeue() ...
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