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authorDavid Teigland <teigland@redhat.com>2008-01-08 15:37:47 -0600
committerDavid Teigland <teigland@redhat.com>2008-01-30 11:04:42 -0600
commitaec64e1be2225c6fc64499594d23257c6adf6168 (patch)
treed4aa437666e7b8a04e926d27f5e6f29e0f037715 /fs
parent601342ce022b964f756b67f2eb99b605c1afa3ed (diff)
dlm: another call to confirm_master in receive_request_reply
When a failed request (EBADR or ENOTBLK) is unlocked/canceled instead of retried, there may be other lkb's waiting on the rsb_lookup list for it to complete. A call to confirm_master() is needed to move on to the next waiting lkb since the current one won't be retried. Signed-off-by: David Teigland <teigland@redhat.com>
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1 files changed, 6 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/fs/dlm/lock.c b/fs/dlm/lock.c
index a758f1b80e3..d5e8ea1b4f7 100644
--- a/fs/dlm/lock.c
+++ b/fs/dlm/lock.c
@@ -1940,8 +1940,11 @@ static void confirm_master(struct dlm_rsb *r, int error)
case -EAGAIN:
- /* the remote master didn't queue our NOQUEUE request;
- make a waiting lkb the first_lkid */
+ case -EBADR:
+ case -ENOTBLK:
+ /* the remote request failed and won't be retried (it was
+ a NOQUEUE, or has been canceled/unlocked); make a waiting
+ lkb the first_lkid */
r->res_first_lkid = 0;
@@ -3382,6 +3385,7 @@ static void receive_request_reply(struct dlm_ls *ls, struct dlm_message *ms)
if (is_overlap(lkb)) {
/* we'll ignore error in cancel/unlock reply */
queue_cast_overlap(r, lkb);
+ confirm_master(r, result);
unhold_lkb(lkb); /* undoes create_lkb() */
} else
_request_lock(r, lkb);