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authorBoaz Harrosh <bharrosh@panasas.com>2011-12-27 19:23:36 +0200
committerBoaz Harrosh <bharrosh@panasas.com>2012-01-06 16:49:06 +0200
commitffefb8eaa367e8a5c14f779233d9da1fbc23d164 (patch)
tree6be1540656853d64a762625386d515b12e363dd4 /fs/exofs
parent831c2dc5f47c1dc79c32229d75065ada1dcc66e1 (diff)
ore: Fix crash in case of an IO error.
The users of ore_check_io() expect the reported device (In case of error) to be indexed relative to the passed-in ore_components table, and not the logical dev index. This causes a crash inside objlayoutdriver in case of an IO error. [Bug in 3.2.0 Kernel] CC: Stable Tree <stable@kernel.org> Signed-off-by: Boaz Harrosh <bharrosh@panasas.com>
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/fs/exofs/ore.c b/fs/exofs/ore.c
index d271ad83720..894f3e192e6 100644
--- a/fs/exofs/ore.c
+++ b/fs/exofs/ore.c
@@ -445,10 +445,10 @@ int ore_check_io(struct ore_io_state *ios, ore_on_dev_error on_dev_error)
u64 residual = ios->reading ?
or->in.residual : or->out.residual;
u64 offset = (ios->offset + ios->length) - residual;
- struct ore_dev *od = ios->oc->ods[
- per_dev->dev - ios->oc->first_dev];
+ unsigned dev = per_dev->dev - ios->oc->first_dev;
+ struct ore_dev *od = ios->oc->ods[dev];
- on_dev_error(ios, od, per_dev->dev, osi.osd_err_pri,
+ on_dev_error(ios, od, dev, osi.osd_err_pri,
offset, residual);
if (osi.osd_err_pri >= acumulated_osd_err) {