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MN10300: Cache: Split cache bits out of arch Kconfig
Split the cache bits out of arch/mn10300/Kconfig as they're quite complex. Signed-off-by: David Howells <dhowells@redhat.com>
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+# MN10300 CPU cache options
+ prompt "CPU Caching mode"
+ default MN10300_CACHE_WBACK
+ help
+ This option determines the caching mode for the kernel.
+ Write-Back caching mode involves the all reads and writes causing
+ the affected cacheline to be read into the cache first before being
+ operated upon. Memory is not then updated by a write until the cache
+ is filled and a cacheline needs to be displaced from the cache to
+ make room. Only at that point is it written back.
+ Write-Through caching only fetches cachelines from memory on a
+ read. Writes always get written directly to memory. If the affected
+ cacheline is also in cache, it will be updated too.
+ The final option is to turn of caching entirely.
+config MN10300_CACHE_WBACK
+ bool "Write-Back"
+config MN10300_CACHE_WTHRU
+ bool "Write-Through"
+config MN10300_CACHE_DISABLED
+ bool "Disabled"