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Merge branch 'for-3.14' of git://linux-nfs.org/~bfields/linux
Pull nfsd updates from Bruce Fields: - Handle some loose ends from the vfs read delegation support. (For example nfsd can stop breaking leases on its own in a fewer places where it can now depend on the vfs to.) - Make life a little easier for NFSv4-only configurations (thanks to Kinglong Mee). - Fix some gss-proxy problems (thanks Jeff Layton). - miscellaneous bug fixes and cleanup * 'for-3.14' of git://linux-nfs.org/~bfields/linux: (38 commits) nfsd: consider CLAIM_FH when handing out delegation nfsd4: fix delegation-unlink/rename race nfsd4: delay setting current_fh in open nfsd4: minor nfs4_setlease cleanup gss_krb5: use lcm from kernel lib nfsd4: decrease nfsd4_encode_fattr stack usage nfsd: fix encode_entryplus_baggage stack usage nfsd4: simplify xdr encoding of nfsv4 names nfsd4: encode_rdattr_error cleanup nfsd4: nfsd4_encode_fattr cleanup minor svcauth_gss.c cleanup nfsd4: better VERIFY comment nfsd4: break only delegations when appropriate NFSD: Fix a memory leak in nfsd4_create_session sunrpc: get rid of use_gssp_lock sunrpc: fix potential race between setting use_gss_proxy and the upcall rpc_clnt sunrpc: don't wait for write before allowing reads from use-gss-proxy file nfsd: get rid of unused function definition Define op_iattr for nfsd4_open instead using macro NFSD: fix compile warning without CONFIG_NFSD_V3 ...
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