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Merge remote-tracking branch 'efi/urgent' into x86/urgent
Matt Fleming (1): x86, efivars: firmware bug workarounds should be in platform code Matthew Garrett (3): Move utf16 functions to kernel core and rename efi: Pass boot services variable info to runtime code efi: Distinguish between "remaining space" and actually used space Richard Weinberger (2): x86,efi: Check max_size only if it is non-zero. x86,efi: Implement efi_no_storage_paranoia parameter Sergey Vlasov (2): x86/Kconfig: Make EFI select UCS2_STRING efi: Export efi_query_variable_store() for efivars.ko Signed-off-by: H. Peter Anvin <hpa@linux.intel.com>
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@@ -788,6 +788,12 @@ bytes respectively. Such letter suffixes can also be entirely omitted.
edd= [EDD]
Format: {"off" | "on" | "skip[mbr]"}
+ efi_no_storage_paranoia [EFI; X86]
+ Using this parameter you can use more than 50% of
+ your efi variable storage. Use this parameter only if
+ you are really sure that your UEFI does sane gc and
+ fulfills the spec otherwise your board may brick.
eisa_irq_edge= [PARISC,HW]
See header of drivers/parisc/eisa.c.