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3.1 Overview
3.2 Synchronization
3.3 Subsystem API
-4. Questions
+4. Extended attributes usage
+5. Questions
1. Control Groups
@@ -650,7 +651,26 @@ and root cgroup. Currently this will only involve movement between
the default hierarchy (which never has sub-cgroups) and a hierarchy
that is being created/destroyed (and hence has no sub-cgroups).
-4. Questions
+4. Extended attribute usage
+cgroup filesystem supports certain types of extended attributes in its
+directories and files. The current supported types are:
+ - Trusted (XATTR_TRUSTED)
+ - Security (XATTR_SECURITY)
+Both require CAP_SYS_ADMIN capability to set.
+Like in tmpfs, the extended attributes in cgroup filesystem are stored
+using kernel memory and it's advised to keep the usage at minimum. This
+is the reason why user defined extended attributes are not supported, since
+any user can do it and there's no limit in the value size.
+The current known users for this feature are SELinux to limit cgroup usage
+in containers and systemd for assorted meta data like main PID in a cgroup
+(systemd creates a cgroup per service).
+5. Questions
Q: what's up with this '/bin/echo' ?