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Other Pieces
+Get the detailed info related with the IPMI device
+Some users need more detailed information about a device, like where
+the address came from or the raw base device for the IPMI interface.
+You can use the IPMI smi_watcher to catch the IPMI interfaces as they
+come or go, and to grab the information, you can use the function
+ipmi_get_smi_info(), which returns the following structure:
+struct ipmi_smi_info {
+ enum ipmi_addr_src addr_src;
+ struct device *dev;
+ union {
+ struct {
+ void *acpi_handle;
+ } acpi_info;
+ } addr_info;
+Currently special info for only for SI_ACPI address sources is
+returned. Others may be added as necessary.
+Note that the dev pointer is included in the above structure, and
+assuming ipmi_smi_get_info returns success, you must call put_device
+on the dev pointer.