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2010-06-01Fix bug in gethugepagesizes testcaseDavid Gibson
2010-02-11parent 48b4959e950ca54937e70152e28f27b8d1157e8b (2.7)Jan Engelhardt
2010-02-04Make run_tests.py detect valid word sizesEric B Munson
2010-01-27Fix run_test_prog to handle OSErrorEric B Munson
2009-12-09Fix target binary in reserve testsEric B Munson
2009-12-09Add wrappers for unsafe kernel tests.Eric B Munson
2009-12-09Add testcases for buggy mremap() behavioursDavid Gibson
2009-11-19Don't try to test multiple pagesizes for SysV shmDavid Gibson
2009-11-19Add paranoid checking of hugepage pool sizesDavid Gibson
2009-10-16Fix for bitrot in linkhuge_nofdDavid Gibson
2009-08-24Suppress ld.hugetlbfs warnings when building testsuiteDavid Gibson
2009-08-24Make tests for SPECIAL in linker scripts safe against cross-compilesDavid Gibson
2009-08-24Don't use a shell to invoke testcasesDavid Gibson
2009-08-24Correctly clean shmoverride_linked.cDavid Gibson
2009-08-21Make run_tests.py set rlimits for mlock and stack_grow_into_huge testsDavid Gibson
2009-08-21libhugetlbfs: Fix some small errors / warts in run_tests.pyDavid Gibson
2009-08-19Fix inner loop in elflink_and_share_test et al.David Gibson
2009-07-21Force --no-as-needed linker optionThomas Renninger
2009-05-27Add -f option to run_test.py to force dangerous tests to runEric B Munson
2009-05-27Move shm segment to 2GB markEric B Munson
2009-05-18Add a test that mixes permissions on shared memory segmentsMel Gorman
2009-05-18Update the fail message for readahead, madvise, and fadvise testsEric B Munson
2009-05-15Record what commit fixes the kernelregressions for readahead and the advise t...Mel Gorman
2009-05-13Wrapping tests to prevent machine hangsEric B Munson
2009-05-07Add a regression test for leakingreserve count due to fadvise and readaheadMel Gorman
2009-05-07Add a regression test for leakingreserve count due to madvise() V2Mel Gorman
2009-02-25Wrapping counters test for expected failureEric B Munson
2009-02-19Add error checking if there is no hugetlbfs mount or huge pages availableEric B Munson
2009-02-11Wrap the shm-fork and shm-getraw tests for expected failuresEric B Munson
2009-01-30Rework test suite for multiple huge page size testingAdam Litke
2009-01-08Fix shmoverride tests for single env parsingEric B Munson
2008-11-25Correctly handle the freeing of unaligned pointers in free_hugepage_region APIMel Gorman
2008-11-25libhugetlbfs: Provide more debug info readback testcaseDavid Gibson
2008-11-21tests: fork-cow test requires 2 huge pagesAdam Litke
2008-11-17Make shmoverride tests zero the overcommit poolEric B Munson
2008-11-17Ensure that the overcommit pool is empty before running heap-overflowEric B Munson
2008-11-10Add get_hugepage_region() as a malloc-like interface that uses hugepagesMel Gorman
2008-11-10Force get_huge_pages() to only deal with hugepagesMel Gorman
2008-11-10tests: meminfo_nohuge multiple hpage sizes fixAdam Litke
2008-10-28hugetlbfs default page size is cached so expose reset for testingAndy Whitcroft
2008-10-28add a new export type for main library probe points for testsAndy Whitcroft
2008-10-27tests: Catch expected failures for quota test (V2)Adam Litke
2008-10-27tests: Add helper for comparing kernel versionsAdam Litke
2008-10-27tests: Infrastructure for expected test failures (V2)Adam Litke
2008-10-27tests: gethugepagesizes -- switch meminfo override to intercepting openAndy Whitcroft
2008-10-21whitespace: cleanup whitespace breakage2.1-pre3Andy Whitcroft
2008-10-21add a new private utilities libraryAndy Whitcroft
2008-10-21tests: check_linkhuge_tests style FIXESAdam Litke
2008-10-20tests: check_linkhuge_tests must check each word sizeAdam Litke
2008-10-17tests: libheapshrink.so is not installed with testsAdam Litke