path: root/tests/hugetests.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-07Revert "exhaust malloc arenas before malloc tests"Eric B Munson
2012-11-06fail test only when MAP_FIXED fails on free slicesJan Stancek
2012-09-06exhaust malloc arenas before malloc testsJan Stancek
2010-11-29Read /proc/self/smaps to test page size of mappingEric B Munson
2010-11-17Rename variable in inline functionEric B Munson
2008-10-28add a new export type for main library probe points for testsAndy Whitcroft
2008-10-27tests: Infrastructure for expected test failures (V2)Adam Litke
2008-10-21add a new private utilities libraryAndy Whitcroft
2008-10-14utils: Make pool counter manipulation code part of the library APIAdam Litke
2008-09-11cleanup: Store page sizes in bytesAdam Litke
2008-08-26tests: Function to check if default mount point uses system default page sizeAdam Litke
2008-08-26tests: Make functions to read/set counters values multi-pagesize awareAdam Litke
2008-07-21tests: Handle expected differences brought on by private reservationsAdam Litke
2008-04-10common check for gethugepagesize() returnJon Tollefson
2008-04-08tests: check uid/gid in tests where it mattersNishanth Aravamudan
2008-03-06tests: verify there are enough huge pagesJon Tollefson
2008-03-04change tests to read /proc/meminfoAndrew Hastings
2008-03-04tests: verify that huge page size isn't too big for the testJon Tollefson
2006-11-29Testcase for kernel bug attempting brk() into a hugepage areaDavid Gibson
2006-11-13Small tweaks to make debugging failing testcases easierDavid Gibson
2006-08-24barrier() consolidationaglitke
2006-06-08sharing: Large import of segment sharing code.aglitke
2006-02-27Cleanup and bugfixing of stress testsDavid Gibson
2006-01-31Added Adam's hugepage stress tests.David Gibson
2006-01-09Added copyright notices and LGPL invocation.1.0-pre1David Gibson
2005-12-14Testcase for the nasty ppc64 updating-only-one-PACA bug in the SLB flush path.David Gibson
2005-11-28Many updates:David Gibson
2005-11-25Linker scripts, and basic testcase for auto hugepage stuff.David Gibson
2005-11-24Various extra tests for debugging kernel problems.David Gibson
2005-11-22Vaguely working morecore.David Gibson
2005-11-21hugetlbfs_test_addr().David Gibson
2005-11-18First cut.David Gibson