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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-09-10Add linkhuge_rw test to 64 bit && !CUSTOM_LDSCIPTSSteve Capper
2012-11-08Make custom linker scripts configurableGerald Schaefer
2012-11-06build 4G-edge testcases as -staticJan Stancek
2011-02-23tests: add support for static linkingAndrew Hastings
2011-01-21tests/Makefile: add missing testsAndrew Hastings
2009-12-09Add wrappers for unsafe kernel tests.Eric B Munson
2009-12-09Add testcases for buggy mremap() behavioursDavid Gibson
2009-11-19Don't try to test multiple pagesizes for SysV shmDavid Gibson
2009-08-24Suppress ld.hugetlbfs warnings when building testsuiteDavid Gibson
2009-08-24Make tests for SPECIAL in linker scripts safe against cross-compilesDavid Gibson
2009-08-24Correctly clean shmoverride_linked.cDavid Gibson
2009-07-21Force --no-as-needed linker optionThomas Renninger
2009-05-18Add a test that mixes permissions on shared memory segmentsMel Gorman
2009-05-13Wrapping tests to prevent machine hangsEric B Munson
2009-05-07Add a regression test for leakingreserve count due to fadvise and readaheadMel Gorman
2009-05-07Add a regression test for leakingreserve count due to madvise() V2Mel Gorman
2009-02-25Wrapping counters test for expected failureEric B Munson
2009-02-11Wrap the shm-fork and shm-getraw tests for expected failuresEric B Munson
2008-11-10Add get_hugepage_region() as a malloc-like interface that uses hugepagesMel Gorman
2008-10-27tests: Catch expected failures for quota test (V2)Adam Litke
2008-10-27tests: Add helper for comparing kernel versionsAdam Litke
2008-10-27tests: Infrastructure for expected test failures (V2)Adam Litke
2008-10-21whitespace: cleanup whitespace breakage2.1-pre3Andy Whitcroft
2008-10-21add a new private utilities libraryAndy Whitcroft
2008-10-17tests: libheapshrink.so is not installed with testsAdam Litke
2008-10-14lib: Add gethugepagesizes() API callAdam Litke
2008-10-14utils: Make pool counter manipulation code part of the library APIAdam Litke
2008-08-14Allow shmget() to be overridden to add the SHM_HUGETLB flagMel Gorman
2008-07-21tests: Add test cases for new relinking methodAdam Litke
2008-07-07Add test for mounts file larger than 4kbEric B Munson
2008-07-07libbugetlbfs: Test case for powerpc huge_ptep_set_wrprotect() bugDavid Gibson
2008-07-03Add a regression test for get_huge_pages()Mel Gorman
2008-05-02disable heap shrinking by defaultAndrew Hastings
2008-03-06icache-hygeine: fix misspelling of 'hygiene'Andrew Hastings
2008-03-04morecore.c: eliminate use of mlock()Andrew Hastings
2007-11-30morecore.c: heap shrinkingAndrew Hastings
2007-11-30Regression test for hugetlbfs quota managementAdam Litke
2007-11-30Test hugetlb pool counter handling corner casesAdam Litke
2007-08-22libhugetlbfs: Fix (sort of) the zero_filesize_segment testcaseDavid Gibson
2007-08-22libhugetlbfs: Test handling of misaligned mmap() parametersDavid Gibson
2007-03-21tests/Makefile: don't use 'new' make syntaxNishanth Aravamudan
2007-03-15Makefiles: fix build on ia64 by expressing dependenciesNishanth Aravamudan
2007-03-05Makefile: add ia64, sparc64 support for functional tests onlyNishanth Aravamudan
2007-03-02Makefile: use export to avoid passing the environment to sub-makesNishanth Aravamudan
2007-01-26New testcase: stack_grow_into_hugeAdam Litke
2007-01-16install helper targetsNishanth Aravamudan
2007-01-04libhugetlbfs: Testcase for mappings overrunning TASK_SIZEDavid Gibson
2007-01-04tests: Add direct-io testcaseAdam Litke
2006-12-06Add and use a helper program for the hugetlbfs mountpointNishanth Aravamudan
2006-11-29Testcase for kernel bug attempting brk() into a hugepage areaDavid Gibson