path: root/kernel-features.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-05-17Allow MAP_NORESERVE to be used on an earlier kernelMel Gorman
2010-05-13Allow MAP_NORESERVE to be used for mappingsMel Gorman
2009-01-08Move all getenv calls from various function in hugeutils into hugetlbfs_setup...Eric B Munson
2008-11-18Audit verbosity of messages in the library utility functions (V2)Adam Litke
2008-10-27tests: Add helper for comparing kernel versionsAdam Litke
2008-10-27utils: Buglet in kernel version comparison functionAdam Litke
2008-10-21whitespace: cleanup whitespace breakage2.1-pre3Andy Whitcroft
2008-10-21make print_valid_features/check_features_env_valid file staticAndy Whitcroft
2008-10-21stop exporting kernel detectionAndy Whitcroft
2008-10-21move to a new library local idiomAndy Whitcroft
2008-09-03Check HUGETLB_FEATURES for correctnessAdam Litke
2008-09-03Allow users to override feature detection (V2)Adam Litke
2008-08-05[RFC] Use the kernel version number to identify kernel functionality V2Adam Litke