AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-09-22build: Fixes to binary versioningdev-20060922aglitke
2006-09-21morecore: Disable heap trimmingdev-20060921aglitke
2006-09-21build: Add version string to all built objectsaglitke
2006-09-20build: Rename the version linker scriptaglitke
2006-09-13morecore: Fixup HUGETLB_MORECORE semanticsdev-20060913-1aglitke
2006-09-07morecore: add commentsdev-20060911-1aglitke
2006-09-07docs: Clarify that we only support BDT and B link optionsaglitke
2006-08-29elflink: Disable segment remapping when libhugetlbfs is preloadeddev-20060829-1aglitke
2006-08-28doc: HOWTO update for morecoreaglitke
2006-08-28hugeutils: only call hugetlbfs_find_path() onceaglitke
2006-08-25ABI: Fix library versioning1.0-pre4aglitke
2006-08-25elflink: Smarter copysize detection v2aglitke
2006-08-24barrier() consolidationaglitke
2006-08-21build: Add library version via version scriptaglitke
2006-08-21cleanup: Remove #if 0'd codeaglitke
2006-08-17debug: fix use of initializedaglitke
2006-08-17ABI-cleanup: Make __hugetlbfs_init_debug static, unexportedaglitke
2006-08-17ABI-cleanup: Make internal functions staticaglitke
2006-08-17tests: Recalculate the number of free hugepages before using itaglitke
2006-08-09doc: Document the segment sharing feature in the HOWTOaglitke
2006-08-07build: Actually install the 64-bit only testsaglitke
2006-07-25build: Set the correct LDSCRIPTDIR in ld.hugetlbfsaglitke
2006-07-06build: Fix compile when __syscall macros aren't defined1.0-pre3aglitke
2006-06-28build: fix mode on linker scriptsaglitke
2006-06-27Add verbosity command line parameter to hugetlbdaglitke
2006-06-27build: put hugetlbd in sbin and new var BUILDTYPEaglitke
2006-06-27Don't kill the daemon if shared_file allocation failsaglitke
2006-06-27Print error when hugetlbfs isn't mountedaglitke
2006-06-27Small hex printf fixesaglitke
2006-06-23Use hexidecimal debugging output consistentlyaglitke
2006-06-22Export HUGETLB_VERBOSE when starting hugetlbdaglitke
2006-06-21Remove start_daemon.shaglitke
2006-06-21make: Fix broken 'make -j' by specifying explicit dependenciesaglitke
2006-06-21install: Fix output lib dirs for x86_64aglitke
2006-06-20Make static code explicitly staticaglitke
2006-06-20Cleanup linkshare testcaseaglitke
2006-06-20build: fix the docs and test installation targetsaglitke
2006-06-19cleanup: Remove trailing whitespaceaglitke
2006-06-19Pass in the right $PATH to start_daemon.shaglitke
2006-06-16compile: Fix trivial unused variable warningaglitke
2006-06-15hugetlbd: Reorganize the main event loop (2/2)aglitke
2006-06-15hugetlbd: Reorganize the main event loop (1/2)aglitke
2006-06-15tests: Help start_daemon.sh find hugetlbd by providing the correct pathaglitke
2006-06-14elflink: Add error messages for maybe_prepare() failuresaglitke
2006-06-14elflink: Re-enable the bogus mmap() call to force symbol resolutionaglitke
2006-06-14hugetlbd: Allow the daemon to accept parametersaglitke
2006-06-14build: Don't link hugetlbd with elflink.oaglitke
2006-06-14hugetlbd: Exit with positive return codesaglitke
2006-06-13Import of sharing code from Nishaglitke
2006-06-09build: add installtests install target for packagingaglitke