AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-12-20Update NEWS for 2.7 release2.7Eric B Munson
2009-12-20Output ratios with each intervalEric B Munson
2009-12-20Update man page with --time-servicing and --cost-config optionsEric B Munson
2009-12-20Add calculation for percentage of tie spent servicing TLB missesEric B Munson
2009-12-20Change INSTALL_STAT target to INSTALL_SCRIPTEric B Munson
2009-12-20libhugetlbfs huge page setup helperJarod Wilson
2009-12-18Update man cpupcstat man page with new optionsEric B Munson
2009-12-18Make cpupcstat print useful ratios about TLB missesEric B Munson
2009-12-18Add ability to monitor multiple events with oprofileEric B Munson
2009-12-18libhugetlbfs huge page setup helperJarod Wilson
2009-12-18Add man page for tlbmiss_cost.shEric B Munson
2009-12-15Fix small spelling mistake in hugeadmEric B Munson
2009-12-09Fix target binary in reserve testsEric B Munson
2009-12-09Add wrappers for unsafe kernel tests.Eric B Munson
2009-12-09Add testcases for buggy mremap() behavioursDavid Gibson
2009-12-02Add Instructions Retired event for Core 2Eric B Munson
2009-11-30Add scripts to measure cost of tlb miss in cycles V2Eric B Munson
2009-11-20Add dtlb_miss and pagetable_walk events for POWER 4Eric B Munson
2009-11-19Don't try to test multiple pagesizes for SysV shmDavid Gibson
2009-11-19Add paranoid checking of hugepage pool sizesDavid Gibson
2009-10-30hugeadm: Handle overflows when setting shmmaxMel Gorman
2009-10-30hugeadm: Use unsigned long long when adjusting the pool page sizesMel Gorman
2009-10-20Add tablewalk cycles event for POWER5Eric B Munson
2009-10-16Fix for bitrot in linkhuge_nofdDavid Gibson
2009-10-07Add Core 2 Timer events to event mapEric B Munson
2009-10-07hugeadm: add support for setting recommended shmmax valueJarod Wilson
2009-10-07hugeadm: add support for setting hugetlb_shm_groupJarod Wilson
2009-10-07hugeadm: support --pool-size-min DEFAULT:2G syntaxJarod Wilson
2009-10-07hugeadm: add check_user function to warn if user is not in hugetlb_shm_groupJarod Wilson
2009-10-07hugeadm: show amount of system memory in explain outputJarod Wilson
2009-10-01Make --dry-run switch actually skip actionsEric B Munson
2009-10-01Make --add-temp-swap obey --dry-run switchEric B Munson
2009-08-31Update NEWS file for 2.6 release2.6Eric B Munson
2009-08-24Suppress ld.hugetlbfs warnings when building testsuiteDavid Gibson
2009-08-24Make tests for SPECIAL in linker scripts safe against cross-compilesDavid Gibson
2009-08-24Don't use a shell to invoke testcasesDavid Gibson
2009-08-24Correctly clean shmoverride_linked.cDavid Gibson
2009-08-21Make run_tests.py set rlimits for mlock and stack_grow_into_huge testsDavid Gibson
2009-08-21libhugetlbfs: Fix some small errors / warts in run_tests.pyDavid Gibson
2009-08-19oprofile_map_events: Scale timer[0-9]* events with --sample-cycle-factorMel Gorman
2009-08-19Fix inner loop in elflink_and_share_test et al.David Gibson
2009-08-17oprofile_map_event: Decrease the sample period for the PPC64 eventsMel Gorman
2009-08-17oprofile_map_event: Add ppc64 mappings for pagetable walksMel Gorman
2009-08-17Increase the recommended min_free_kbytes valueMel Gorman
2009-08-17Change DTLB miss events in PerfCollectorEric B Munson
2009-07-29hugeadm: Provide an option to set a recommended value for min_free_kbytesMel Gorman
2009-07-29hugeadm: Report if min_free_kbytes is too small when --explain is specifiedMel Gorman
2009-07-23Remove unused reference to vmregressMel Gorman
2009-07-23Scale sampling of cycles and events separatelyMel Gorman
2009-07-22Adjust tool compiler to build 64 bit tools if availableEric B Munson