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+libhugetlbfs 2.7 "Adobo"
+New Features
+* When specifying huge page pool sizes with hugeadm, memory sizes can
+ be used as well as the number of huge pages
+* DEFAULT is now a valid huge page pool for resizing, it will adjust
+ the pool for the default huge page size
+* tlbmiss_cost.sh in the contrib/ sub directory will estimate the cost
+ in CPU cycles of a TLB miss on the arch where it is run
+* Add python script which automates huge page pool setup with minimal
+ input required from user
+Bug Fixes
+* The --dry-run switch in hugeadm is now obeyed
+* hugeadm now uses unsigned long long for page resizes to avoid
+ overflow errors
+* --set-recommended-shmmax no longer overflows if the number of
+ available huge pages is bigger than the address space
+Test Suite
+* Updated linkhuge_nofd to override proper functions when testing
+* run_tests.py can now monitor the pool sizes between tests to help
+ identify accounting errors
+* Add test for mremap bug on architectures with holes in address space
libhugetlbfs 2.6 "Adovada"
New Features