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authorMel Gorman <mel@csn.ul.ie>2008-08-07 18:42:19 +0100
committerEric Munson <ebmunson@us.ibm.com>2008-08-14 11:07:23 -0700
commit296598a39d5cde8efe200917a8dc36c41e45c10e (patch)
tree5e71d0db8a694db5f7205e98b97a6a1279786505 /init.c
parent9d204ef7366e2c84258f48588e725bf6855f5953 (diff)
Be specific about what local symbols should not be exported
To override shmget(), it is necessary for the symbol to be unversioned. However, all unversioned symbols are given local scope to avoid internal functions being called accidently. This patch marks the internal-only export functions clearly with the prefix __lh_ and then versions them to be only of local scope. Two unused functions are simply deleted. Signed-off-by: Mel Gorman <mel@csn.ul.ie> Acked-by: Adam Litke <agl@us.ibm.com> Signed-off-by: Eric Munson <ebmunson@us.ibm.com>
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/init.c b/init.c
index e1415f5..8c70927 100644
--- a/init.c
+++ b/init.c
@@ -21,9 +21,9 @@
static void __attribute__ ((constructor)) setup_libhugetlbfs(void)
- __hugetlbfs_setup_debug();
+ __lh_hugetlbfs_setup_debug();
#ifndef NO_ELFLINK
- __hugetlbfs_setup_elflink();
+ __lh_hugetlbfs_setup_elflink();
- __hugetlbfs_setup_morecore();
+ __lh_hugetlbfs_setup_morecore();